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Support Carrier IQ (CIQ) Removal - Prevail

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  1. DragonAuror

    DragonAuror Member

    Delete this

  2. Necrotoxin

    Necrotoxin Well-Known Member

    Supposedly the FA19 OTA update removes CiQ. If that's not enough for you or you would like to use CTMod Swype and talk-to-text work fine on it if you use the swype beta Swype | Text Input for Screens It's pretty easy to get installed and works fine for me on CTMod 2.5

    As far as using Bloodawn's script if you want to know what it does just open it in a text editor. Of course the script doesn't remove ALL traces of CiQ as the files that are compiled into the kernel can't be removed by a script. GL to you.
  3. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    closed per op request
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