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  1. EliseR

    EliseR New Member

    I just recently dropped my moms Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet charger into ketchup by accident. Shes really angry, we wiped the ketchup off and plugged it into the tablet, now the tablet isn't turning on and the charger isn't. Working. I tried to put it into a different charger and hold the power button but its not working. ANY suggestions?

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Best Answer
    There was still ketchup on the plug. You transferred it to the charging port in the tablet. Now the charging port (at least) has to be replaced. The ketchup could have leaked into other parts that will have to be replaced also.

    Get a FULL guaranteed estimate for the repair before agreeing to it - the repair may be more than the price of a new tablet.
  3. DualCitizen54

    DualCitizen54 New Member

    Always have a second charger available in case you misplace it or drop it into the ketchup. I have three, keeping one of them in my travel bag. I like the Samsung-branded chargers, but you can order online a generic charger...make sure it provides 2.1 Amps current. Even better if the store advertises it as a Note 3 or Note 10.1 2014 accessory, that way you'll know it will work. I order stuff like this from because I live up north, but I believe they are affiliated with a U.S. store.

    Before taking it in for repair, go to any electronics store and buy a can of compressed air. Use the can to gently blow any ketchup in the charging socket out (don't hold the can or the little straw they usually come with to o close, you want clean it, not damage it) out of the device. Finally, test your repair with a different (clean) USB cable. If that works, you can also clean the old cable using the compressed air.

    If this works for you, we want to hear the story of how the charger landed in the ketchup!
  4. geoffstc

    geoffstc New Member

    I have found that acetone is a good cleaner. It can be painted on/in the charging port with a small brush and will clean port well. The only parts which don't like acetone are the LCD screen and tablet speakers.

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