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  1. Etherus

    Etherus New Member


    I am all new to this forum so sorry if I post this in the wrong forum.

    So I got a Galaxy Note since yesterday and the first thing I directly notice it has no Chinese support which is weird as all demo models had this and they even did show the phone in Taipei with full chinese support actually even promoting it in Asia with that it has full Chinese writing reconision. (let me add I did buy the phone with a subscription in France hoping it had Chinese only seems to have korean)

    Now the writing part is not that big issue after google searching I found a pinyin input and touchpad that has full chinese support even for the pen.

    However does anyone know how to get a chinese language pack so the actuall phone is in full chinese (prefered Traditional like they showed in Taiwan)? and is there away to get the chinese version of the samsung keyboard?

    Another question and this is more out of interest who does make the language for android does this come from Android itself? or are it the phone makers that have to make the languages?

    Hope someone is able to help me! :) thank you for reading!

    **other question**
    I have another question also, when I use a chinese keyboard for example Google Pinyin and then write a chinese sms message and sent it to someone in China he will receive only question marks. But if he does sent me a text message I receive correctly the chinese text.

    Is this because I use google pinyin to write chinese? or is this because my provider does not allow me to sent chinese text messages?

  2. AllThingsPure

    AllThingsPure Well-Known Member

    It could depend on where you bought it. My model, GT-N7000, comes with input for Chinese and a few Asian languages. This is for menus and display messages. There is no French or German etc.

    Input wise, every keyboard has its own separate list of languages and settings. My Samsung keypad has seven languages, mainly southeast Asian. My Swype has five languages to choose from. The DioPen Chinese IME has two (English and Chinese).
  3. Etherus

    Etherus New Member

    I have the same GT-N7000, but mine only contains European Languages, Korean and some russian languages it looks.

    So is there a way to get it flashed with like the software you have? I assume it is the same model that should be no problem? Not sure at all how that kind of things work it is my first smartphone.
  4. AllThingsPure

    AllThingsPure Well-Known Member

    I guess the proper and safe way is to go to a Samsung service center and ask them if they can do it.
  5. mintec

    mintec New Member

    Hi everyone this is my 1st post.

    I have the same GT-N7000, purchased in Hong Kong...actually a gift...this is my first Android product and like it very much.

    Anyways from the home screens, I go to: Settings>Language and keyboard>DioPen Chinese IME settings>Language Settings: and I selected the 2nd from last set of chinese words for HK.

    Now in the keyboard, hit the T pen icon key and hit the EN key to switch to HK chinese. Input method must be switch to DioPen Chinese IME to write chinese.

    Shortcut to bring up Input method, long press the text entry bar above the keyboard.

    If you leave Input method to DioPen Chinese IME and switch keyboard back to EN, english, you can still input english.

    Hope this helps!
  6. dt99

    dt99 Member

    Reason it dont have chinese, can be its a different firmware in France and dont have chinese language with it.
    Just download morelocale2 and change to chinese. Or flash it with another ROM that have chinese language in it.

    About chinese sms, think its because u phone dont have chinese as system lang and when send sms to other, It cant "convert" correctly and will display weird character instead.

    I have this kinda problem with old HTC Desire, have to switch to chinese as system language before i can use the google voice search speaking in chinese. But never tried with sms with chinese text, since I sucks in chinese. :p

    Try other keyboards ex: Go Keyboard that have chinese input and see if it works anyway for sms.
  7. persiya

    persiya New Member

    I bought my samsung galaxy note in France as well and have the same issue. No Chinese input method by default is ok, we can download other IMEs from Market. But can not send Chinese texto is really annoying and not reasonable.

    Did u have any updates on that?

  8. JoeJoeTheJoey

    JoeJoeTheJoey New Member

    Hello everyone! New to the forum and new to the world of Android too!!

    I just got my UK version of the Note. I'm trying to find a Chinese input method, but most of the free ones give a warning that usernames/passwords/credit card details can be transferred to them. I'm not too comfortable with that. Is this the case with all input methods?

    The one's I've tried are "GO Keyboard" and iFlytek Input".

    Am I being too paranoid?
  9. biscuitlad

    biscuitlad Well-Known Member

    Yes - all keyboards carry that warning, even paid ones!

    But there must be a reputable company you trust somewhere that has an app?
  10. JoeJoeTheJoey

    JoeJoeTheJoey New Member

    Great. Thanks for that. I'll choose one which has a lot of downloads then. :D
  11. CkWils

    CkWils New Member

    If you are on Android v4 (ICS), when attempting to type msg (eg. using SMS, whatsapp) the 'select input method' drag down option (appears as a little keyboard symbol) will appear on the screen top left corner with 'DioPen Chinese IME' as 1 of the 3 options.

    Under this option, you could then switch the keyboard mode among Pinyin, English & Number/Symbol. This is quite handy if you could stick to just one option/mode.

    From experience, using downloaded keyboard apps are not as handy......
  12. svdrh

    svdrh New Member

    Hi Guy, go to Google Play download gpen app and select scut gpen input method. you can choose traditonal or simplify method.
  13. speculatrix

    speculatrix Member

    the languages available depend on the specific firmware installed. My N7105 came indirectly from Hong Kong and its default language was some Chinese variant. I downloaded a new firmware from samfirmware at SamMobile Firmware Page and flashed it with Odin.

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