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  1. RollTide15X

    RollTide15X Member

    Hello I'm new to the GS4 and everything was working fine until I installed Firefox for Androids. After installing Firefox anytime I am using the twitter app I see a link to Instagram. I had prevously set the instagram app as always ude as defaukt before FF was installed. However, now I can only choose between Firefox and Internet Browser!!! Despite clicking on an Instagram link I am not given the choice to even select Instagram app as default choice.

    The same holdd true for Keek and Vine links as well. I have the Keek, Vine, and Instagram apps installed and had them all set as always use as default action in the Twitter app. After installing Firefox I am ubable to select any of those three apps in twitter. I am only given the options of picking from Firefox and the default Internet browser.

    I do not want to uninstall Firefox as so far its the only browser on my GS4 to play Flash.

    How can I choose from more than just two apps when the "Choose default action" window pops up? If this is not possible how do I remove the Internet app?

  2. bhero

    bhero Well-Known Member

    Setting, applications, select Firefox, clear defaults
  3. RollTide15X

    RollTide15X Member

    This does nothing to improve my issues. I am still only given Firefox and Internet as my two choices. I want to be able to choose Keek, Vine, and Instagram for the respective links in twitter app. I'm only given the option to choose between FF and Internet
  4. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    What happens if you uninstall, then reinstall, Instagram?
  5. RollTide15X

    RollTide15X Member

    Sadly the same result. Only FF and Internet listed. I've also tried holding the links down longer but no other menu pops up.
  6. KimboSlice00

    KimboSlice00 New Member

    This is happening to me too - Twitter doesn't allow me to pick instagram as an option for links, just internet and chrome? I've changed all the defaults and cleared the cache in all those apps.
  7. RollTide15X

    RollTide15X Member

    I have discovered if you open the tweets and then click the links Twitter will prompt you to choose from many programs and not just two. It seems when you click links from the main screen of Twitter ifs the only time only two links are available.

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