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  1. scotthva5

    scotthva5 New Member

    I'm very disappointed in the Intercept's MP4 playback ability. I've tried every possible combination of bit rate (384-700), frame rate (23.97 - 30), resolution and codec (h.264 - FFmpeg) in both Handbrake and DVDFab 8 and I still get video that jumps around like Flipper on blotter. I've tried the default Android player, MixZing and a host of others with the same result. However HQ YouTube runs without a hitch...

    I'm beginning to wonder if the external microSD throughput is just plain slow. I've noticed it takes *forever* to synch my iTunes library via doubleTwist and others to both a 16GB SanDisk card (a real one, not a cheap eBay knockoff) and the included 2GB SanDisk card. Has anyone else noticed this issue? I've even tried 3GP, 3G2 and WMV with the same results. My BB 8530 with a 300mhz slower processor ran these same MP4's flawlessly. I'm stumped. This is my first Android phone and so far it's multimedia capabilities are far from impressive.

  2. one80oneday

    one80oneday Well-Known Member

    Not surprised. I haven't tried to play any video besides youtube on this phone but I know it definitely isn't a high powered multimedia machine since it doesn't have a graphic processor. Have you tried other video formats other than MP4? I know even my desktop PC has a hard time with MP4's sometimes...
  3. Billkwando

    Billkwando Well-Known Member

    My Maximum The Hormone videos play beautifully w/ default player. I'm gonna upload one to Megaupload and ask you to try it and tell me how it goes for you.

    Here try this:
    (Buiiki Kaesu, subtitled in English)

    This is a 19meg file. It was downloaded directly from Youtube, using Download Helper (Firefox extension), not converted. The resolution is 480x272, audio 44100 stereo. The framerate is listed in VLC as 25. Audio codec is mp4a and video is avc1.
  4. Billkwando

    Billkwando Well-Known Member

    I'm curious if anybody tried this yet. Perhaps my expectations for video quality aren't as high as the average person, but I think it looks pretty fantastic considering the Intercept is such a low-power phone. Honestly, I think the video couldn't look any better, at that screen size.

    The speaker quality of the Intercept is pretty impressive too, for a crappy tiny phone speaker. Being able to play rock that heavy and still be at least listenable, at any volume, is pretty awesome.
  5. DroidSyndicate

    DroidSyndicate Active Member

    Like most smartphones Android suffers from "garbage."
    That may be what is causing your choppy playback.
    You can clean your phone with applications like "Android Assistant" or you can reboot your phone to clear out any waste.
    Also, keep an eye on how much you have installed on your phone, if there is a lot of programs running in the back ground and the data transfer rate of your SD card if you are running the video from there.

    Max Video Specs
    FPS 30

    Max Audio Specs

    H.264 - libx264
    aac - libfaac

    I have a VM Samsung Intercept and these are the max settings I can use without skips or other video problems. (base video player)

    Remember, the Intercept is a low end Android, it dose not have the memory or power to just throw stuff at it. You got to keep it clean and turn off features you don't use or don't use often.
  6. theParanoid04

    theParanoid04 Member

    If you have avi files encoded in Xvid ASP (DVDrips from torrents) on your device, h264 mp4 playback will be an issue. I removed avi's from my froyo device and then mp4 playback was never an issue. Try it.
  7. fastdc5

    fastdc5 New Member

    i have played an avi video of 576x320 on samsung intercept and it works fine to me.

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