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  1. mtgrossm

    mtgrossm Member

    I I don't know about everyone else but I've been disappointed with the chrome browser. I'm using dolphin browser now and the performance is a lot better, pages load faster and don't lag when scrolling.

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  2. ArmchairBear

    ArmchairBear Well-Known Member

    Same here. First time I fired up Chrome and saw how slow it was, I knew something was wrong and proceeded to download Dolphin Browser. Dolphin was much faster, or normal even.

    Chrome stood out as being slow because doing everything else on the Nexus 7 was really fast.

    Google needs to do some more work on Chrome for Android.

    Firefox beta and X Scope were also much faster.
  3. dportal2006

    dportal2006 Well-Known Member

    This is exactly what i been saying for the past couple of days. Dolphin Browser works much better. It is a bit embarrassing. I am hoping they continue working with it and improve it because Chrome in my PC works very well.
  4. mtgrossm

    mtgrossm Member

    Its a shame to, I love the features from the chrome browser I just think its not lightweight enough for mobile. Which browser does everyone like the best?
  5. dportal2006

    dportal2006 Well-Known Member

    Dolphin or Opera
  6. shaneydroid

    shaneydroid Well-Known Member

    Fully agree but strangely enough, I have been using chrome on the missus' galaxy S3 today and it's completely different. Much MUCH faster in every single way.
    So is the problem actually chrome or is it the N7 or maybe jelly bean?
  7. mtgrossm

    mtgrossm Member

    Chrome is also laggy compared to dolphin on my Gnex, performance may be better on S3 because its a beast of a device.

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