Circuit Board Live Wallpaper

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  1. qkhang

    qkhang Member

  2. qkhang

    qkhang Member

    App updated to allow users to change color of particles, circuit board and background. Also, some screen orientation fixes.
  3. nieltab

    nieltab Well-Known Member

    Looks good, I don't want a live wallpaper right now. But if I do in the future, I will certainly consider this one.
  4. qkhang

    qkhang Member

    App updated for faster reloading when coming back to home screen.
  5. BoldenVivian

    BoldenVivian New Member

    I have used both free and paid version and both are good,So I would like to suggest all of you who want to get live wallpaper that both paid and free version are equal so don't think that paid version is better than free version.

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