Cm 7?

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  1. dhruvbatra205

    dhruvbatra205 Well-Known Member

    Is it worth to move to cm7 frm gingerbread on my mini?

  2. Netas3k

    Netas3k Well-Known Member

    Well with CM7 (CyanogenMOD version 7) you can overclock and have android version 2.3.5 . And you can practicly change anything.
  3. Small_town_boy

    Small_town_boy Well-Known Member

    Absolutely..but its still with lot of bugs..guys here are trying hard to fix it..hope for the best..just give them some more time...
  4. roofrider

    roofrider Well-Known Member

    most of the bugs have been fixed and there are workarounds for some. Only thing missing is FM is fine.

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