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  1. monsterz3ro

    monsterz3ro Active Member

    So, new to the S4/Touchwiz thing (I miss HTC!)- easy question that I cannot find a single answer for online:

    How do I combine the "ME" profile (very first thing listed in my contacts menu) with my profile from gmail? That is, I see myself as a gmail contact in my contacts list (which is expected), but I can't figure out how to link that to the "ME" contact that also appears in my contact list (the profile that appears in the texting windows when I am talking to friends, etc).

    How do I link these? Its maddening.

    All help is appreciated!

  2. monsterz3ro

    monsterz3ro Active Member

    OR, could anyone simply tell me (at least, for the time being) how to change the default image on my "me" contact to an actual image? I click on my name under "ME" (top of the contacts list) and get the pop-up, but when I click the image to try to change it, the screen just goes black momentarily, and then returns to the main contact list. I can't edit anything, picture included. Can someone at least tell me how to get to the edit-contact for the "ME" entry?
  3. Colchicine

    Colchicine Well-Known Member

    Mine appears to be linked to my G+ profile, and it is doing what you want it to do, without any intervention on my part.
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  4. monsterz3ro

    monsterz3ro Active Member

    Yah, I don't use FB or G+, was hoping to accomplish it without that. Hmmm.

    (Thank you for response!)
  5. Midiman

    Midiman Well-Known Member

    I didn't have any trouble changing the picture on the "ME" contact. I sync with Gmail contacts and that one doesn't sync. I get around it by simply adding myself as a normal contact.
  6. SebaKL

    SebaKL Well-Known Member

    There is a little icon in top right corner. If you press it, you can edit your profile, change photo, add contact info... Can you see it? If you don't have it and can't edit your profile, delete it. It will then replace the profile with "create profile" link, and you can start from scratch.
  7. beowulf7

    beowulf7 Well-Known Member

    On a related note, I had my previous phone (D3) contacts backed up to my Google account, which my S4 pulled down just fine. But any new contacts I've added have gone to "Device" and if I look through my list of contacts, those new contacts don't have that blue/white "g" next to them like my old/imported contacts do. When I edit the contact, I don't see how to associate it with my Google account. Can anyone help? TIA.
  8. BRAINZ2013

    BRAINZ2013 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Copy the contacts to your sd card . Now go through the contacts and add all to the google account from your pc/computer when done click save now use the phone to sync all new contacts . I did this before and found i deleted some from the phone but seen that they won't show up on the phone but was in my google account . They said this is due to the google account updating a lot

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