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Computer won't recognize Galaxy aceSupport

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  1. hepekcina

    hepekcina Member

    Ok, my new samsung galaxy ace worked fine, absolutely satisfied.

    I installed Samsung Kies because of drivers. USB mode worked fine too.

    But, since this morning my computer just won't recognize it. Charging is ok, battery is charging and it shows little USB sign which obviously means that it's connected properly.

    I tried re-installing the Kies, but the problem remains. :(

    Need help since i wanted to upgrade it to 2.3 today. :confused:

  2. Bertyball

    Bertyball Active Member

    Go to Device Manager > Samsung thing > Uninstall
    Then reinstall drivers, maybe reboot afterwards

    That helped for me when i had the same problem :)
  3. hepekcina

    hepekcina Member

    the problem is that computer absolutely doesn't recognize Ace. It doesn't say that "device is not recognized", or that drivers are not installed, nothing happens on computer after i Plug-in the Ace.
  4. Gammer

    Gammer Well-Known Member

    Does it show that it's charging when you plug it into the pc?
  5. hepekcina

    hepekcina Member

    yes, that's the only thing that changes after plugging it.
  6. Gammer

    Gammer Well-Known Member

    I've said this loads before,looking devices and printers,look for the samsung android device,it will prolly have a yellow warning with it. Troubleshoot it and that should solve your problem.
  7. hepekcina

    hepekcina Member

    found the problem. Drivers and cellphone worked fine, something happened with computer that made all usb ports stop working. Restarting it solved the problem :)
  8. Noctuawar

    Noctuawar Member

    did u restart pc in same time when phone was plugged in or did u restart phone? cuz i have same problem... when i plug galaxy ace with usb, i heard only the battery is charging sound, nothing else. Pc wont recognize it at all. Nothing shows up... before this problem i had notification on the left top that phone is plugged in usb, but now, nothing happens, only battery is charging... Pls help
  9. Berni

    Berni Member

    OK, after facing similar problem, I have called the store I bought my Samsung Ace 2, and the sale lady gave me this solution and it worked perfectly:

    1) Unplug everything.
    2) Go to your phone 'setting' -> 'wireless and network' -> 'usb utilities' then press the button 'connect storage to PC' THEN plug in the cable to the phone & computer. Then you will see android logo and it will say USB connected. Then your computer will detect the driver. You will have to repeat these steps every time you mount your usb driver.

    Hope this helps. I haven't seen any solution on any forum sofar. If it works for you, please report back too.

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