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  1. momentoid

    momentoid Well-Known Member

    Under Menu > Settings > Applications > Running services there is an app named IQ Agent Service which has the longest running time and cannot be stopped.

    Also, I've noticed that under Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Menu > Filter > All, there is an app named Keytracer which has all kinds of Permissions. Wondering if this is part of the IQ Agent service, part of Swype, or part of Android. :mad:

    Could users who do not have Swype installed please confirm this either way, especially with Sprint customers. Thanks.

  2. Desert Cactus

    Desert Cactus Well-Known Member

    I know there is an HTC IQ agent which I read a long time ago is the tracker that is on the HTC EVO. If you kill it with task killer, it will automatically restart itself. I suppose that is it. I posted on the Sprint Facebook page about the Carrier IQ and they promptly deleted the post. Talk about spitting in your customers' face!
  3. MarkHirt

    MarkHirt Guest

    I still can't figure out why they guy that "found this" is getting so much press. HTC has been running IQ on their phones for a very long time. If you have an old Sprint Hero I'll bet you find HTCIQAgent.apk I removed it a year and a half ago
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  4. Gavisann

    Gavisann Well-Known Member

    He is "getting press" because CarrierIQ threaten to sue him for speaking his mind and showing what CarrierIQ is doing. Most Android Smartphones have CarrierIQ that is put on the phone at the request of the carrier. Verizon is the only National US carrier that doesn't use CIQ.
  5. RoboMonkey

    RoboMonkey Well-Known Member

    LOL nothing he said was a Lie. Free Speach fking CIQ!
  6. philbert1998

    philbert1998 Member

    There is an app on the Android market that will determine if your phone hasCIQ.I ran it and mine is clean.
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  7. KitsapAndroid

    KitsapAndroid Well-Known Member

    If you're rooted and running a custom ROM, then the odds are this doesn't affect you. I know that CyanogenMod doesn't have it, and I'm sure most others do not as well.
  8. Lord Vader

    Lord Vader Well-Known Member

    Actually, most do, unfortunately.
  9. momoceio

    momoceio Well-Known Member

    Roms built from source (aosp) are CIQ free. Most rom developers are now removing any traces of CIQ from their Roms... Just read the change log if it's not posted with the rom info. I'm running warm twopointthree which is sense based but has CIQ removed.
  10. Lord Vader

    Lord Vader Well-Known Member

    Apparently Warm2.2 does have it, however.
  11. momoceio

    momoceio Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that ROM was made before all of the CIQ hooplah and hasn't been updated since. You can remove it manually or you can buy the app made by Treve over on XDA for $1.
  12. Lord Vader

    Lord Vader Well-Known Member

    The URL for his app appears to have been taken down.
  13. HeadlessPonch

    HeadlessPonch Well-Known Member

    I dl'd an app today from the makers of Lookout Mobile Security to see what it would say. It told me my rooted Moment has CIQ, which is not entirely true. The ROM/theme I am running disables it, so it's kind of a false positive. If IQ Agent Service isn't running then you don't have it.
  14. Lord Vader

    Lord Vader Well-Known Member

    I'm still trying to find the (an) app that is able to remove this.
  15. PapaNoHair

    PapaNoHair Well-Known Member

    I have my doubts Sprint would allow that - they would probably put in right back in.
  16. mcbtrain929

    mcbtrain929 Well-Known Member

    What does it do, exactly??
  17. Tiako

    Tiako Well-Known Member

    Logs everything and puts it in a database on their server.
  18. Guitardoc64

    Guitardoc64 Well-Known Member

  19. Gavisann

    Gavisann Well-Known Member

    According to CIQ, they only look for key codes and only gather statistical data, but I would take that with a grain of salt.
  20. momentoid

    momentoid Well-Known Member

    Carrier IQ code is not an app that can be easily removed. Although IQ Agent Service is not stopped, renaming the file /system/bin/iqmsd has made a notable difference on my rooted Samsung Moment (with official DJ07 build). The phone is faster, smoother, and the system internet usage has dropped significantly.

    The app Voodoo Carrier IQ detector shows Carrier IQ is present and active on the device, but reading the remainder of its report lists the log file entries of Carrier IQ failing to find some implementations.

    FWIW, the phone has been running for the last few days without any problem, in fact better.
  21. momentoid

    momentoid Well-Known Member

    For some reason I've not been able to reply via private message. Here is the response to a query:

    Check if the file iqmsd exists in /system/bin/ directory. If this file does not exist on your phone, then Carrier IQ may have used a different filename.

    Also, this can be done only on a rooted phone.
    First, backup the file iqmsd from /system/bin/ directory to the sdcard. Then do the following as root:

    1. cd /system/bin/
    2. ls iqmsd
    3. mv iqmsd iqmsd.bak
    4. restart the phone

    If you are not still clear on how to do it, contact a person with rooted version of the phone you have for necessary tools. Each phone is slightly different.
  22. Lord Vader

    Lord Vader Well-Known Member

    All 5 of your PMs came through with no problem.
  23. momentoid

    momentoid Well-Known Member

  24. MarkHirt

    MarkHirt Guest

    Those bastards record all the numbers I call/txt.... wait I get a bill every month that shows that too... Never Mind
  25. ginglish

    ginglish Well-Known Member

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