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  1. SoWhy

    SoWhy Active Member

    Hi there,

    I'm new to my HTC Desire and Android in general, so please bear with me. At home, I have no Wi-Fi but my PC is connected to the web via ADSL. Is there a way to allow my HTC Desire to connect to the internet via USB using the connection my PC has to the internet (i.e. using it as a gateway)? I know that you can use the phone to allow the PC to connect to the web - but is the opposite possible as well?


  2. Yenzehn

    Yenzehn Well-Known Member

    I have never heard of this being possible.

    There is a few USB-based wifi transmitters, but at that point you may as well just get a cheap/used bg router.
  3. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

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  4. SoWhy

    SoWhy Active Member

    Thanks but I had hoped there is a way just using USB (and Windows XP). :-/
  5. betty

    betty Member

    What's the reason you want this feature? As there's other potential work arounds, like downloading APK files on your machine and transferring them to the device.
  6. henyloc

    henyloc New Member

    I am also in need of this, I am currently deployed to Iraq. The base I am attached to currently provides an internet service for a hefty fee. Although cellphone service is unavailable. I have a Samsung Moment and I would like to connect to the internet service available out here. When I log in to the internet from my laptop I have to log in through an interface used by the internet provider. When I turn on my wifi on my phone and attempt to log in, the initial login page does not open. I've seen people with Iphones connect without any problems. The Android OS doesnt seem to identify the login page. Not really sure what to do.
  7. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    You may be better directing this at the samsung moment forum.

    My desire, when I log into my work wifi directs me to the authentication page fine. I have to open the browser and navigate to another page first though.
  8. diggerbucket

    diggerbucket Active Member

    There are plenty situations where this would be a great feature.

    I just got back from a work trip to Norway, the hotel had wifi but they only gave a single-use code to access it, which I used for my laptop. Some kind of ad-hoc connection to my phone would have been great.
  9. qorashi

    qorashi New Member

    My desire is connect through WiFi and gprs both, but the problem is that I can not enter market and the "loading ..." word stay there and nothing will happened, I don't know this is a problem of desire or it is because of that android market restrict access to it from Iran, so I want to connect through a pc to connect via a vpn. My phone can't connect through a vpn too. Connection-me also has some problems. When I active it all the internet connections break down. Please help me. I can't download any application because of these problems.
  10. aaurnab

    aaurnab Member

    thank u....but i connect through virtual router Virtual Router - Wifi Hot Spot for Windows 7 / 2008 R2........... and How to Share Internet Connection Between PC and Android Phone Using WiFi | All About Web & Mobile Application Development this blog help me:):):):):):)
  11. prova

    prova New Member

    it happens when i use my windows mobile phone, when there is internet connection on my pc, then when i hook up my mobile phone using usb cable, the phone has an internet connection too....has anyone done this wth android?...what are the settings?
  12. vikhilreddy

    vikhilreddy New Member

    Yes , you are right prove .. am also tried lot of times to connect the internet from pc to my mobile dewise,

    ok is there any other software for connecting the internet
  13. jeremy_inc

    jeremy_inc Well-Known Member

    If your computer has a wifi card in it, but is not using it to connect to the internet itself, you can set that wifi up as an ad-hoc connection, then connect your phone to the computer using the new wifi access point you just created.

    This will allow sharing of the computers internet connection to the Desire
  14. Pro_User...Top

    Pro_User...Top New Member

    An Answer to your Question is Yes, Depending on the type of HTC Phone you are using. The HTC: HD, Desire (S), Wildfire (S), Sensation, Throphy Incredible and Some other HTC Phones can connect to you PC'c Internet Connection. You Need to use the USB Tethering Mode or Internet-Pass Through Mode.

    Connect your USB from your HTC phone to your Computer and select this modes: "USB Tethering" or "Internet Pass Through" both modes have thier usages and functions.

    Once you have done this, your phone is ready to receive internet from your PC. If your Phone does not connect then your Internet Sharing is turned off on your PC. You should change the settings on your PC to allow your computing to share internet with other computers and that can be found in the Internet Connection settings its called ICS "Internet Connection Sharing" of your PC. Its through the control Panel (Based on Windows Operating System).

    "Connecting HTC Wildfire S to the Internet through a computer (Internet Pass-through)
    If you don
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  15. russman167

    russman167 New Member

    Thanks Pro-User. Worked like a charm on my HTC 4G Slide. I should finally be able to get consistent web access in the faraday cage that is my office.

    Russ (The JudoGuy)
  16. lovetide

    lovetide New Member

    I've just tested access internet in Android phone via USB net which connected to a Windows XP PC.

    It works! However, some application does not designed to use USB net, these application only use WIFI or GPRS/EDGE/HSPA to access internet.

    How to do

    1. Your android phone must be rooted first
    2. Install Microsoft ActiveSync on your Windows PC
    3. Install a Terminal application on your android phone from market.
    4. Connect your phone to your Windows PC
    5. On your phone, turn on USB tethering: Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Tethering & portable hotspot -> USB tethering
    6. Now, look at your Windows system, there will be a new network card (Windows Mobile-based Internet Sharing Device) appears
    7. Share your internet connection to the new network card: right click internet connection (PPPoE or Ethernet or WIFI or whatever your internet connection is) -> Property -> Advance -> Enabled internet connection sharing. (if your Windows Firewall service is not started, start it first)
    8. Now back to your phone, open the Terminal application, type commands like the following
      Code (Text):
      1. su
      2. ip addr add broadcast dev usb0
      3. route add default gw dev usb0
      4. setprop net.dns # the DNS server should change to your favorite DNS server, is for my environment (a router)
    9. DONE! turn your phone WIFI off, open a browser, you can surfering now, but as I said, some other application won't work, they don't know USB net
  17. AnthonyBell

    AnthonyBell New Member

    I am using Superb VPN Services to watch and and I am pleased how it works. Speed is great and there are no delays.
  18. mitul1009

    mitul1009 New Member

    i have a htc desire and tried as you said with usb tethering mode by Switching on internet sharing but still for some reasons i am unable to connect with it
  19. mitul1009

    mitul1009 New Member

    please help me pro user
  20. crazymanchy

    crazymanchy New Member

    easily use virtual router prog.
  21. boscharun

    boscharun Member

  22. hi2uuk

    hi2uuk Member

    YES YOU CAN , sorry i havent read all the postings . if you have a htc desire charger then just plug the one end into the usb slot on the laptop or pc and the other end into your phone. the phone will then ask you what connection type you want, select usb tethering and this will use the phones wifi and your mobile phone providers internet bundle to connect your laptop to the internet using your phone. its very handy . sometimes you need to try a few times but it eventually works for me on my htc desire
  23. sheru

    sheru Member

    Hahaha nicely said:d:d:d

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