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  1. HybridLogic

    HybridLogic New Member

    So I'm preparing to buy my FIRST Android phone.

    I'm interested in the Atrix 4G because I'm draw to computing power, honestly. I intend to write some of my own software for my phone (the reason I initially loved the concept of Android) and may or may not do some wifi tethering.

    I have one primary question, if someone could help me out: Are the roms/android distrobutions (new to these terms) universal or phone-specific, and is the Atrix compatible with some of the good ones? It comes with the Moto Blur UI on it, which seems pretty lame. I intend to root it upon exit from box.

    Edit: Primary Concern #2: Do the ROMs typically degrade the value of the dual core processor if they're not built for it? Since I don't intend to use the default, I want to make sure that the power stays after I change it.

    The better camera and larger screen on the HTC Inspire continue to compell me, but it comes down to the software really.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. chowmailap

    chowmailap Well-Known Member

    I'm running cm7 on my atrix. And it seems to be running smoother and faster than it ever did stock.
  3. Goethe

    Goethe Member

    Pretty much all the roms I've tried are phone-specific, there are some pretty excellent and stable roms out there, as always, the phone comes with some bloatware, but even leaving with that and initially filling with a lot of stuff, apps, music files and a few XXX videos for entertainment, it continued to run smoothly, also, it's much better and fast to use the fingerprint scanner than to input a 4 digit code, also there are plenty of wifi tethering apps out there, much more practical than carrying a 3g modem with you and paying for a data plan a part in another sim card.

    I never heard of an issue of the roms degrading the processor, however it's worth a google search.
  4. djedgarftw

    djedgarftw Well-Known Member

    The roms are all phone specific. All roms are structured for that specific phone and installing it on another could brick your phone. Their are alot of roms out their but my favorite are from the well know cyanogenmod and i also like miui roms. Roms wont mess up you phone they will actually make it run smother. When you OC just be careful not to let it get to hot or you will fry your processor. And finally when you do flash a new rom be sure to backup your system encase you don't like your rom and want to go back to stock.
  5. chrismbrunner

    chrismbrunner Well-Known Member

    I have both phones, and would go with the atrix any day. It is a much better device, and with the lapdock more useable.
    The only problem with the atrix is random reboots. I have two of them, and recently the both started this. I just sent one ti Motorola for repair. Trying rom changes on the other.

    Worth a google search about.

    Good luck
  6. djedgarftw

    djedgarftw Well-Known Member

    Are you on on the update 4.5.141?
  7. chrismbrunner

    chrismbrunner Well-Known Member

    Yes. The stock phone is on that.

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