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  1. sweetmusic013

    sweetmusic013 New Member

    Does anyone have problems with erratic ramdom and frequent restarts? My phone, especially when under 50% battery power, will randomly restart itself, and occasionally will get stuck in some kind of restart cycle where it boots up just to restart again and the only way to stop the cycle is to pull the battery. This is a persistent problem and is making me nuts! Any suggestions are appreciated.

  2. solenero68

    solenero68 Member

  3. pydave

    pydave Member

    solenero68, do you mean you have this problem and using Dexter's rom fixed it for you? Or are you just running dexter and you don't have the problem?

    I have the same occasional restarts problem (no restart loops). I just manually restart the phone every week and it doesn't happen often.
  4. solenero68

    solenero68 Member

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