Control my Tattoo from PC

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  1. Olav

    Olav Member

    What are the really interesting options (Mostly USB, also Wi-fi and Bluetooth).

    No locking.

    Looking at Droid Explorer.


    (Better places to ask this)

  2. alek_73

    alek_73 Well-Known Member

    With PAW server, you can control the phone through a web browser (on WiFi). Project is still in early phases, but very interesting.
    It is on the Android Market.
  3. ditsy

    ditsy New Member

    help, i dont know who or where to ask, i took a video on my droid, finally got it off my droid and onto my computer, but i cant get the sound to work on the videos. it works on all my other videos. i even went to a bogus youtube video to see if it was just me but its not. just the videos i transferred from droid to my laptop have no sound. can anyone help me.
  4. Olav

    Olav Member

    Droid explorer seems fine, except its USB only, and a bit heavy, similar problems with connection as HTC Sync.

    Also it is not a remote desktop application of the VNC-type.

    This PAW thing, is it the best for a Wi-Fi connection? How does functionality compare to Droid Explorer?

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