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Corporate Outlook/Exchange Sync - PushSupport

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  1. sghere

    sghere Well-Known Member

    Well, I just got my D2 the other day and have it all setup, but something I've noticed differently from the D1 is that all my Outlook/Exchange e-mails take 5-10 minutes to be delivered even with the Push feature turned on.

    On the Droid 1, the messages were delivered instantly...sometimes even before they arrived in my Outlook client at my desk.

    I have it setup as a Corporate Sync account with all the same settings, but I feel like they have taken a step backwards with the Corporate Sync settings.

    I'm running 2.2.20 (rooted of course), but it's just a hit or miss when the messages come in. I did call VZW's tech line (oh joy) and the lady on the phone said there was some memo about this issue. She didn't mention if there was a work around, or if a fix is coming.

    Anyone else having this problem? It's almost as if the Sync button doesn't do anything.


  2. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    Just checked and an email from my Droid exchange account arrived on my Gmail account in about 3 minutes...not stellar speed, but not as bad as what you're referring to.

    I assume there's going to be latency dependent on Exchange and Gmail servers, internet traffic, etc. I never timed an email before so no idea how this compares to my D1.
  3. Dragoro

    Dragoro Well-Known Member

    Its almost instantaneous both to and from my corp syncd accounts.
  4. Eric S

    Eric S Member

    I had the same indefinite delay with the included Droid 2 sync and for the record, this is in connection to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 with service pack 2.

    After hours on the phone with both Verizon and Motorola, I learned that both Touchdown Exchange from Nitrodesk and Improved Email from mtwebster are both 3rd party apps that do connect properly, and they both work for me. Both work perfectly, though Improved Email lost connection to the server once per day and the fix for that is turning the phone on and off.

    Touchdown is $20, though I tried the free 30-day trial, and Improved Email is free. The thing is, the tech at Motorola is aware of our issue and said they are pushing a fix for the included software over the next couple of weeks to all droid users via verizon. You can tell by looking at "settings", then "about phone" and then see if the build number is VZW. If so, then you did not yet get the update (I did not yet get it).
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  5. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    My build is VZW, and I don't have the delay...we're on exchange 2010...maybe that's why...
  6. lukesdiesel

    lukesdiesel Well-Known Member

    I noticed that when I receive yahoo email on my D2 it would not still be sent to my Outlook Inbox. So Ive started using Yahoo for Android.
  7. sghere

    sghere Well-Known Member

    Thanks goes to Eric S. I pushed and pushed and finally got to someone at VZW Tech Support that said Motorola did release a bulletin stating that there is a problem with certain versions of Exchange. The fix is to either turn wi-fi on and off, or to reboot the phone (for now).

    They (VZW) has no estimate as to when the fix is coming, but they did give a phone number to Motorola for me to call if I wanted more details. I haven't called it yet...but if you're brave enough...it's 800-331-6456.

    Not quite sure what to do...either go back to the D1 or push for another phone. I rely on my e-mail for up/down pages at work (network guy), so the delays kill me.

    DRAGORO, you stated it's instantaneous on your phone....in your bio it states you have a Moto Droid...is it the Droid 2?

    I just checked...and the last e-mail I received was at 10:45am (CST). Just power cycled my phone and 34 messages popped up.

    I do have the phone set on Performace under the Batter option...and yes it does drain it like a mofo...but that doesn't even do anything.

  8. Eric S

    Eric S Member

    You're quite welcome! I'm glad to help. By the way, when you do receive the update, that Build Number I mentioned will change from "VZW" to "FRG22D". Also, I am using "Improved Email", a 3rd party app made by mtwebster and downloadable through the App market. It's completely free and was recommended to me by Motorola. I know I mentioned above that I lost connection to my server a few times with this program, but that emails were lightning fast. Sitting at my office, emails pop up on the phone before popping up on my computer (using Outlook) literally every time. Anyway, I mention this again since an update was sent out to me for Improved Email and since then I did not lose connection to our server. Download and use that instead of the default application. I don't know if it matters, but I have mine synced for a week. Good luck and if you do this, let me know if it helps. It helped me. Oh - and I know I sound like I'm advertising this. I'm not. I'm just someone like you who was frustrated with the original email.
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  9. sghere

    sghere Well-Known Member

    OK...being OCD and freaked out....I called and actually got in touch with Tier 2 tech support at MOTOROLA!!!

    Here's the deal.

    The Droid 2 AND Droid X (which is supposed to get 2.2 soon) have problems with server side certificates and lose connectivity with the Exchange server if it's running Exchange 2003 or 2007 with SP2. Exchange 2010 doesn't have the problem, so the messages are delivered instantly like the Droid 1's do now.

    Motorola sent the update to Verizon as an OTA patch that will change the version (as ERIC S. stated) from VZW to FRG22D. This isn't to be confused with the same FRG22D that the D1 has...they are totally different and not cross platform compatible.

    "Nick" at Motorola stated the update is in Verizon's hands now, and has started rolling out, but could take awhile depending on the number of phones out there. It's NOT the 1.6MB file that some have received...it's a much larger file that is being pushed.

    Sorry to keep harping on this....but for someone that's completely dependent on e-mail 24/7/365 for their job....it became an obsession. ;)

    NOW...I can focus on the work I'm supposed to be doing. ha ha

    Take it easy!
  10. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm...wonder what else is coming in the 22D for the D2.

    And why the heck they decided to release the same version number for two phones where they are incompatible releases. DOH! :)

    Hopefully this is more accurate info than the usually confused ramblings of support personnel...thanks for posting.

    Those who are rooted - beware, until otherwise proven, this update will likely break root...and unless we know otherwise (and I don't know either way), could also close the opening used to root the D2. Someone of a more techie breed will have to opt in on that.

    I don't believe we should expect any "stealth" updates - I would expect that as this update arrives we will get a "Update Available" dialog appearing on our D2s asking us if we want it.
  11. BeckSCS

    BeckSCS New Member

    It doesn't matter who is or isn't having the problem... It still stands that the problem exist and someone or all of us need to find a solution.

    There may be 1 or 8 solutions to the same problem but as long as one of them works for everyone who has the problem then we have the solution.

    Thank you

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