Cricket: Remove Uno, Top 10 Zio , and Midnight Bowling

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  1. blazedd

    blazedd Member

    Now that we have clarified that, you will need to the the Free app "Android Mate" from the app store. While this is a neat app it wants to take over the home screen (not my taste, but you don't have to let it). It has a File Explorer and shows details for apps you have downloaded, system apps, etc.

    Next you want to go to the "System" apps and find the applications you want to remove. WARNING: REMOVING APPLICATIONS FROM THIS CAN BRICK YOUR PHONE! Make sure you know it's stand alone app like Uno or Midnight Bowling. Long-Touch the app (hold finger on app name) and hit "Details". This will show you where the apps live. Typically they live in /data/FLEX/apps/

    Now you know where they are go there in the File Explorer. Make sure you give Android Mate access to SuperUser. Once in /data/FLEX/apps/ you should see the icons to various apps such as the calculator, messages, ect. Also you should find the bloatware you want to remove. Again use the Long-Touch and choose uninstall.

    After you have deleted all of the .APK of the applications you don't need: reboot your phone. It should take a bit to reboot, mine ran sluggish as if there was a cache that had to be rebuilt, but runs much better now. I freed up 12MB of space of useless Cricket crap!

    Hope this helps someone!

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  2. 801skyscraper

    801skyscraper New Member

    Thank you! Cant wait to rid my phone of these useless games. They are always running when I open my app killer.
  3. ivandlm3

    ivandlm3 New Member

    Make sure you give Android Mate access to SuperUser.
    i did everything else but when i went to system to find the program, i was lost. not even typing in the /data/FLEX/apps/ found it.

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