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  1. sanity29

    sanity29 Well-Known Member

    Currently I have the OG EVO 4G on sprint and I'm ready for an upgrade. I have been looking at the optimus g a lot lately and liking what I read. However, I know nothing about LG phones.

    I have read some comments after reviews that say to stay away from LG or they would never buy LG phones. I'm curious why that may be? Is there anything I should know about LG that would be good knowledge before buying one? The specs and reviews look great, but how are LG phones at the end of the day? Support? Things like that.

    Thanks for the info.

  2. USNJose

    USNJose New Member

    I did alot of research and it all points out to wait to see what the Nexus has to offer. I'm on the same boat I have the same EVO 4g. I think the phone is bad ass and I almost pre-ordered but I've waited this long whats a few mor months going to hurt.
  3. sanity29

    sanity29 Well-Known Member

    I would like to get the nexus, but as of right now, its not coming to sprint. Not sure if it will or not, and if it does, when?
    My evo is about at the end of its life. Charging port is almost done. Not sure how long I can wait.
  4. USNJose

    USNJose New Member

    My charging port went bad too and its a known issue with our model. I took my phone to a sprint store and they replaced it FREE, (due to the known issue no service plan is required) the same thing happened to my wifes phone, my best friend and my wifes friend we all had the same phone and we all got it replaced. I read in the sprint community forum there is one person is refusing to upgrade the phone still works great, the only thing I have to do is keep a charger with at all times i.e work, car, road trip. I was due for an upgrade 3months ago and I might wait till April 2013 to see about samsung galaxy S IV, I'm going to keep a look out next week when people start posting there new LG phone all over the web and see what they say.
    I live in Ohio and theres is no 4glte near me If it was here I think I would have upgraded, know that I think about it I might just wait for 4glte to be here then I will upgrade the sprint store that I got to said 4glte will be in our area 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2013 unless he was talking about nation wide.
  5. N4 doesn't support LTE, you won't see it on Sprint. However, there is an LTE chip in the phone. So it's kinda like your appendix, present but useless.

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