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  1. Chrisat53

    Chrisat53 Member

    Hello all I'm getting ready to switch my fam(me, wife, mom, sister) to tmobile. Looking to set my mom on mytouch 4g b/c It's easy, wife wants mytouch 4g slide, my sister gets what she gets lol. I was looking at the sensation but thinking LGG2x with it being free, gives me flexibility if I want to sell in the new future and buy something new.

    So the question is, have issues with the phone been largely resolved with updates? Or is it the same old___? I love everything about the phone except the bad reviews from half the people. Please be honest on if I should buy or not, it would be a huge help and much appreciated. And sorry for another thread like this lol.

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  2. Beatdough

    Beatdough Member

    I've had the phone for about a week now and so far the only issue i've had is the phone's reset on me 3 times. Most people say the random reset issues has never happened to them, but they probably also didn't notice if it did because they weren't paying attention. My phone reset the other day and the only reason i noticed it was because i caught it right after it happened. I went to check my battery usage and it said my phone had only been on for 2 minutes even though i left it on all night. The phone turns on pretty quickly though so it hasn't been a major problem for me thus far.

    Another thing i noticed when using the GPS the other day is that the Wi-Fi was screwing the signal up when it was left on. It'll pick up signals from peoples houses and get confused as to where i'm heading. I turned left and it said i turned right and kept recalculating. As soon as i turned the Wi-Fi off, it worked perfectly.

    But other than that, i love the phone. My sister has the Sensation and it's a great phone but i just like the freedom of having plain android.
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  3. lovehtc

    lovehtc Member

    does it have inbuilt FM radio ?
  4. mmandros

    mmandros Well-Known Member

    I have had the phone since back in May. Coming from the Behold 2 this phone was a tremendous step up.

    All in all I like the phone very much. From what I have experienced and read, all android phones have issues. This included. I have been fortunate enough not to have experienced many of them. And what I have, well, they have not impacted me much.

    There is a great development community for the phone, Head over to XDA developers if you are interested. So there are lots of ROM and Kernel options for you if stock doesn't suite you.

    I have been on stock since I bought the phone. I rooted but that is it.

    Take the negative you read with a grain of salt. Most of the power users have very high expectations and those are the people that spend a lot of time on these forums commenting.
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  5. mmandros

    mmandros Well-Known Member

    No. The spec says so but...
  6. lovehtc

    lovehtc Member

  7. dcskins2011

    dcskins2011 Member

    I think the phone is great, does everything but wash the dishes and I have had no issues with resetting or anything.
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  8. defiantbeast

    defiantbeast Well-Known Member

    If you like vanilla android this is the phone to have. Even though Ive had my issues with the phone it was never critical. Now with the gingerbread update this phone is great. Myself and 2 other friends have it and we all love it.
  9. Fetch Questman

    Fetch Questman Well-Known Member

    Based solely on my own experience I absolutely recommend it. It's been an amazing device. But based on some of the things I have read on here it's harder to recommend.
  10. Chrisat53

    Chrisat53 Member

    Got my phone yesterday and love it. Very fast, smooth, and love gingerbread. I've had fascinate, incredible, droid x, and both AT&T and verizon iPhones over the past year and it's better then them all. I'm paranoid it's going to go crazy and break on me b/c of all the complaints out there. I hope I have a good one! I have 14 days to decide I guess.
  11. joseph.v1988

    joseph.v1988 Active Member

    I am a phone fanatic this phone is pretty fast. This phone even beat the HTC evo 3d and a hole lot of phones in a speed test. And for a radio on this phone just get the baddest and coolest radio apparently in the market called tunein radio works good.any ways this phone may have problems like the resetting but its okay it Aint the end of the world.worth the money. Ohh and this phone out beats the.sensation LG 2x has the terga 2 dual core. I can keep going but just check it out at a T-Mobile store
  12. Karine_t82

    Karine_t82 New Member

    Still like the phone? Had any issues?
  13. Chrisat53

    Chrisat53 Member

    love the phone, havent really had any problems. no random reboots, i have had it start to bog down on me a few times but i make it worse b/c i just start hitting different things and that doesnt help. Maybe 3 battery pulls in the month that i've had it, thats not bad at all. my sister had to send her's back but the replacement has worked fine (we told them we DO NOT want a refurb and made sure it was a new phone). my mom's has not had any problems at all, so i think we lucked out. its a good phone, very fast, battery life is not bad at all and any issues i've ran into have been fixed by changing a setting on the phone.
  14. Malicious

    Malicious Member

    The phone works great for me, I have actually had the sensation and got rid of it for the G2x again. Also the SGS2 on Tmob is the same chip set as the sensation and that thing struggled to play games liek Asphalt 6, It got really hot and had o be OCed to 1.6 to even play it smoothly. The G2x will play it smoothly UCed to 900mhz

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