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  1. mptpro

    mptpro Member

    IS it possible to customize the double-tap home button, beyond the built in selections?

    Also, is it possible to customize the camera button to something else?


  2. rbrown1988

    rbrown1988 Member

    you can change the double tap home key by going into settings then applications then it will be the last option. not sure on the camera button
  3. mptpro

    mptpro Member


    I realize I can edit the double-tap-home, but only to the selections provided. I want to cutomize to an app, such as Evernote.
  4. rob41195

    rob41195 Member

    Right now it is not possible to customiz the double-tap-home button further than what is allowed in the settings menu. But the camera button can be customized. I have downloaded the Ultimate Faves PRO app for my device. This is a carasoul type app the allows you to select a number of apps and put them onto a "merry-go-round" type thing. Using this app you can have it open up by default from simply touching the app's icon. Also in this app's settings you can customize it to open up by pressing and holding the camera button. hope this helps :)
  5. Wug

    Wug Member

    I figured out a solution to this problem which I posted here

    Hope that helps.

    -Wug Fresh
  6. Ok so I got sqlite editor and found the double tap location.
    I would like double tapping home to go to google voice (this is what I had my camera button on my og droid go to and I miss it)
    it says the format of the value needs to be appname/activity
    I know the app name for google voice is but how do I find out what the activity name is for just starting google voice?
  7. I got it!
    So others know
    for Google Voice, the startup activity is
    so if you want google voice to open when you double tap home, modify the double tap entry in SQLLite to
    if you need to find the startup activity for something in general (evernote), open up the androidmanifest.xml (open the .apk with winzip or something, you don't need a full decompiler)
    and look for an activity with the category main or launcher
    <activity android:theme="@style/TranslucentThemeNoActionBar" android:label="@string/app_icon_name" android:name=".SplashActivity" android:configChanges="keyboard|keyboardHidden|ori entation|screenSize">
    <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
    <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />​
  8. I checked out evernote for you
    you would put
    in the doubletap field
  9. Styrisvps

    Styrisvps Well-Known Member

    I would like the double tap to launch google voice
    how do I figure out what the name of the startup activity is?
    I know the app is and I've guessed some generic activity names like but no luck so far
  10. Dude, look up two posts

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