Disabling data/internet via cell network

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  1. heytim

    heytim New Member

    Hey everyone,

    Recently got an LG Optimus One. A bit new to the the whole smartphone/Android systems, so still finding my way around it.

    Since I'm on a prepaid plan, I want to use my phone only for calls & texts over my cell provider network; all data/internet usage (email / internet / etc) should be restricted to wifi only.

    If I go Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Mobile networks -> Uncheck 'Data enabled' , will that do the trick? (So the phone can only get online via wifi if it's available, and not the cell network at all). And if the aforementioned Data Enabled setting is unchecked, will I still be able to receive texts?


  2. Dalby

    Dalby Active Member

    I've had my LG P500 for just over a week and unchecking "Data Enabled" has worked for me.

    You will get texts and calls as long as you're in range of your WiFi modem (or one somewhere else, of course).
  3. viral1991

    viral1991 Active Member

    Yes, the option will do the trick, without affecting texts & calls. :)
  4. heytim

    heytim New Member

    Hmm in range of Wifi? Texts and calls would be over the cell network, did you mean internet data instead?

    Great, thanks!
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  5. Dalby

    Dalby Active Member

    Yes, and thanks for picking that up. :)
  6. LJWilde

    LJWilde New Member

    unchecking The data enable check box will stop data (picture messages) but not text messages. but mine keeps turning back on (without me!) any idea what app is accessing the data on the mobile network?
  7. asifha

    asifha New Member

    To disable the use of the mobile data network for browsing the internet:

    Settings->Wireless & networks->Wi-Fi (enabled/checked)
    Settings->Wireless & networks->Mobile networks->Data enabled (disabled/unchecked)
    Settings->Wireless & networks->Use only 2G networks (enabled/checked)

    Press the power button and hold for a few seconds.
    Select Power off.
    After it powers off, power it on again by pressing the power button.
    NOTE: need to perform this power-cycle step for this whole thing to work!

    Now you *should not* see the E up/down arrows on the top of the screen, which is the
    icon for mobile data network.

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