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  1. faryn

    faryn New Member

    Greetings, all.

    I have a student with an LG Shine Plus, and she keeps pocket-dialing 911. Needless to say, this is a problem. Is there a way to disable the emergency dial button?

  2. 350Rocket

    350Rocket Well-Known Member

    I highly doubt it, but they need to learn to turn the screen off before putting it in their pocket. I've personally never had this problem. She should change the screen timeout to the shortest period (i think 30 seconds) so its less likely to happen if she doesn't remember to turn the screen off.
  3. Vighnahara

    Vighnahara Member

    Sorry, but your advice is invalid.

    The problem is: when you lock the screen, the ONLY thing it can do is call 911. And you don't actually have to type in 9-1-1-call... you just push anything on the screen, and it automatically fills in the 9-1-1, and then you just have to hit the green call button. So if your pocket accidentally hits the screen twice, you've called 911.

    So bottom line: this is actually only a problem IF you have your screen locked. If your screen is not locked, then it doesn't call 911 automatically.
  4. 350Rocket

    350Rocket Well-Known Member

    Wow, I never heard of this. I don't know of a solution, hopefully someone else does.
  5. droidtoise

    droidtoise New Member

    Me too! My 2 yr old dialed 911 from my phone this AM!

    It's too easy... two buttons which are amost on top of each other is a terrible design!

    Looking thru all options and no luck.

    Any ideas out there?
  6. mikevets

    mikevets New Member


    I just got my LG shine a week ago, and been loving it so far.

    I see what you're talking about.

    Have you noticed that there are TWO WAYS of locking your phone?

    One is to use the "pattern lock" and the other is to simply slide.

    When my phone is locked using "Slide-lock," I was not able to see the emergency button I was looking for. (Yes, I looked for it because I have to know where it is before taking any cautions.)

    However, when I switched to "pattern-lock." I could see the emergency button at the bottom, seducing me to touch it with its elegant red color :p

    So, is your phone in "slide-lock" mode or "pattern-lock" mode?

    P.S. I have my own problem. Has anyone had a problem of the screen not timing out after the set amount of seconds?? After 15 sec, 30sec, or even 1 min (I checked the option and set it up as 15 sec), I can still see a picture of cute cat (my background) on the screen. I still see it now..
    Why is it not going black???? It's draining my batter even at the moment I'm posting this..
  7. bushlite2011

    bushlite2011 Member

    YES THERE IS! i had the same issue

    simple...your student has her lock out screen set up so that she uses a fancy patern...tell her to go back to her settings and change it back to the simple slide bar and this issue will simply go away!
    i had called my service provide many times about this spoke with lg them selves and finaly found this out...

    i havent pocket dialed 911 since i changed it back.
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  8. bushlite2011

    bushlite2011 Member

    if that doesnt fix this issue then there is one other way and i would not recommend it but non the less its an option.

    the service provider can manually block the 911 number from being dialed from her phone...i was given this option but turned it down due to the fact that i would like to be able to dial 911 when needed..

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