Disappointed in HTC's newest release about ICS on their Facebook page earlier today!

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  1. 814 htc evo

    814 htc evo Well-Known Member

    Well I'm just to the point where HTC has officially let me down and really pi$$ed me off for the last time... Iv been dying for ics since release back in what October and when they originally stated our beloved EVO 3ds was one of the few phones that made the cut for selection to receive ics I was like a little kid on Christmas day it made me extremely happy and since then iv checked phandroid daily for any possible info and Google etc... Well nothing for days weeks and months then today they say on their Facebook the sensations will have it by MARCH but wait are there any USA sensations on our networks!? At&t, verizon, Sprint or t-mo last time I knew there was not so therefore they are once again letting europe get a taste first and they teased us back in October and left us hanging until now with no further info and then they finally come out and say that the sensation lineup will have it sometime in March as for all the other HTC American line up phones such as the incredible for Verizon the EVO 3d for Sprint etc... We originally were told early 2012 with great excitement and anticipation and well sadly HTC let us down and I feel like they lied to us and officially let me down for the last time not only are we stuck on sense 3.0 but now who knows when and if we will ever get ics who knows maybe months from now theyl re nigg again and say our phone won't be receiving the update...truthfully it wouldn't surprise me at this point and to top it off by the time we get the ics update who knows Sprint 4g LTE might be in full swing and the nexus might be out for Sprint and if that's true then our EVO 3ds will be pointless as far as the 4g aspect goes so therefore that's one less feature we will have or anyone with a current Sprint 4g Wimax phone and i highly doubt Sprint will offer some form of credit for our 4g Wimax phones since once they switch to LTE completely our phones will be shot as far as 4g goes...and to top it off we will be left in the dark for 4g purposes which I will leave Sprint if we don't get some kind of incentive or discount on a new LTE phone because I'm locked in for 3years so I can't afford a new phone and I'm not eligible for an upgrade for quite some time!!! So HTC screw you!! And Europe you too, America never gets anything first even though Google's homeland and original land is USA so what gives .....sorry for the rant I tried to stay on the main topic I just feel we were cheated and teased for months and months for absolutely nothing because by the time we see it if we ever do it will be Sprint LTE not Wimax so the 4g for our beloved 3vos will be 100% useless and a thing of the past....

    Love pi&&ed off Sprint customer!!!

  2. yukonsjoy

    yukonsjoy Member

    Pretty sure 4G will be around for a bit yet. I mean, 3G and EDGE are still supported, aren't they? Secondly, if you want a phone that can be updated the minute a new OS is released, get an iPhone or BB. There are soooo many variations of Android phones, it'll take a while for each manufacturer to get the release ready for their particular hardware.
  3. 814 htc evo

    814 htc evo Well-Known Member

    Okay well first off my punctuation has nothing to do with the subject.. the subject of my rant was and still is the simple fact that we have been cheated and blatantly lied too.. I never said I expected the new os right now! But for them to say early 2012 back in October of 2011 and now change it to sometime in 2012 clearly after March considering only European HTC devices will even see the upgrade in March I feel as an american, HTC consumer only, and Sprint customer I feel as if they re nigged on the whole deal and by the time they do if they ever do I believe it will be just to late! Because I feel the EVO 3d at that point will be what the EVO 4g has slowly become and i quote a "thing of the past " DAMN near the 1year old release mark! And especially considering the switch from Wimax to LTE that doesn't work in any ones favor with a Wimax 4g device!
  4. jdsingle

    jdsingle Well-Known Member

    Don't attack other members regardless of punctuation. I too was let down by this information. Now I'm convinced I won't see ICS until summer. Which the only thing that upsets me is that it means I won't have a new version of Swype for quite a while. Not to mention, obviously 4G will be around for a while as it is the primary new technology. Wimax is a dying tech on Sprint and when you buy a 4G phone it is ridiculous to not even be able to utilize it, especially if you bought it in an area that has no 4G and you find out the next upgrades will be LTE.

    Even though OP may have been ranting, a lot of people are probably disappointed by this news especially considering this happens to be Sprint's flagship phone and we may not even have ICS before the next EVO "might" be out.
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  5. Corpse11

    Corpse11 Well-Known Member

    Like it was stated before, just because Sprint will be switching to the LTE network for 4G doesn't mean that the 4G WiMax service will be immediately turned off, if at all...and also like said before, getting ICS is going to be awesome and waiting till March or sometime soon after, is not really that big of a deal, March is still technically "early" 2012, and I would rather see the release of ICS work as close to perfect with the new Sense UI as possible, rather than having them rush its release and having bugs everywhere in it.
  6. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Thank you, the Site Rules & Guidelines are quite clear on that.

    814 htc evo, I take it rooting so you can get in on there before March isn't a possibility?

    I've the Desire HD and they reckon that will be at least April before that sees it. It doesn't make much difference to me though, I'm rooted and due an upgrade anyway but I can sympathise with the frustration.
  7. 814 htc evo

    814 htc evo Well-Known Member

    I just don't believe we are getting what we deserve.. our 4g Wimax devices will only be 4g capable for so long and for sprint to compete they need to get LTE out and rollout LTE to stay relevant with the times and to compete... so therefore my point is the lack of ics in the earlier half of 2012 for us Sprint folks is a huge disappointment considering the public release and guarantee if you will was in October of 2011..now who's to say we won't get ICS until june, July or who's to say they won't give it to us at all ?? They already went back on their word once clearly they don't care enough to do it again!!! So with that being said Sprint will keep Wimax going yes but for how long? They are well aware Wimax is dull and a thing of the past therefore LTE needs to come out strong and fast to keep up and compete so for them to do that they have went on the record already and said they will no longer sell 4g Wimax devices( new phones that is) as in new devices completely not currently available devices... So who's to say LTE won't be half of the nation by June July or August not likely but ya never know...so that ics update we may get by then will be useless if your a 4g fanatic like myself and want the best of the best and utilize your phone for everything It's equipped with then your 4g Wimax will have a time table if you will..meaning your ics update we could be waiting for 6months to a year for Will be useless when you either jump networks or trade for an LTE device which could also be the reason why ics was delayed and may not be released on certain devices after all because the transition to LTE is huge for sprint and they will slowly make Wimax die... Meaning our 4g radio will be absolutely no good so goodbye to our flagship EVO 3d Sprint touted so much about...and now were getting jipped on 4g eventually and ics update we were promised back in October...and oh yeah HTC would rather update non American phones first!! That's why I'm upset can ya blame me?! Honestly be open minded and look at my point from a general standpoint !!!!
  8. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Well-Known Member

    I understand where you are coming from. It can be quite frustrating when plans change and we have no control over them. :confused:

    You are entitled to your opinions. I'm not here to say if you are right or wrong.

    However, I'd encourage you to try not to fill in the gray areas with your own ideas and stick to the facts. Jumping to conclusions, supposing about the uncertain future, and making assumptions are borderline logical fallacies. The more you can arm yourself with knowledge the better off you will come across to others, and the less you will get your future hopes crushed.

    The HTC Sensation is a US phone on T-Mobile's network. It was released in the UK first and was subsequently released in the US a few weeks after that and across Europe in different forms later (XE, XL, etc.) It even came out before the Evo 3D, so in all reality it should get Ice Cream Sandwich before the Evo 3D. According to HTC's updated game plan Sensations will be updated in March and we will get the update after. Exactly how it should be. A company reserves the right to change the expected date something comes out unless it is contracted, promised, or otherwise enforced. Especially when it comes to software, you will learn that it is always a guessing game and there are always bumps along the way and delays. April or May could be considered by other people to still fall under the original "early 2012" heading.

    Sprint's current gameplan has pledged to continue selling Wimax enabled phones throughout the entire 2012. We can assume the majority of those on 2 year contracts. According to the 2 year contract of service they agree to, they are obligated to provide a full 2 years of service to the handset. They have agreed, along with Clearwire, to cover Wimax into 2014 and as a bonus they have thrown in an extra year. So you will have Wimax until 2015. If they go against this, without notice or benefit (They can always credit accounts, offer early upgrades, offer free upgrades, etc.) to the customer they will surely face lawsuits. But until they breach, specifically without providing an equal benefit to remaining customers, then the point is moot.
    Sprint and Clearwire ink new 4G WiMAX and LTE agreement

    Also, always remember, the world does not revolve around you, the Evo 3D, or the United States. We don't deserve anything and have no special privilege over anyone else in this world. :cool:
  9. 814 htc evo

    814 htc evo Well-Known Member

    Okay you proved me wrong but at the end of the day correct me if I'm wrong but isn't t mobile the last of a dying breed slowly but surely...??? I rest my case!
  10. Rafalema

    Rafalema Well-Known Member

    Why is rooting out of the question for so many people?

    I'd happily buy a powerful device knowing it'll get no updates as long as there is a big community behind it.
  11. timmyh318

    timmyh318 Well-Known Member

    As a sprint user and evo 3d i can feel your pain but lets not get carried away. Sprint isnt in that much better shape than t mobile. If duetsche telekom actually cared about t mobile usa they could battle sprint neck and neck for 3rd place. T mobiles android lineup trumps sprints. And manufacters put out the update not sprint nor tmobile. The sensation is a nice phone id love to see a cdma equivalant on sprint. But thats not the point of this thread. The 3d will get ics and as stated by many theres always rooting. The custom roms are nice and performance is second to none.

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