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Do i need a external sd card for installing a new rom?

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  1. Cursed Chico

    Cursed Chico Well-Known Member

    Maybe to backup all storage to internal sd card is not enough. BEcause its size is 2 gb.

    What do you say about that? Do i first buy a sd card for a better rom changing?

  2. ryanrazer

    ryanrazer Active Member

    i believe yes. Because you will have to use clockwork mod to install ZIP file (new ROM). clockwork mod has only option to browse through SD card.. so i think you will have to by it
  3. Cursed Chico

    Cursed Chico Well-Known Member

    Backing up with cwm , you suggest that?
  4. ryanrazer

    ryanrazer Active Member

    sure... CWM is good for backuping..
    I think backup is going to be loaded on the internal storage... but u will put your ZIP file (costum rom) on the external SD card...
    i dont think you can browse internal storage with CWM...


    as you see on the picture, you will browse for your ZIP file on the external SD card...
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  5. ryanrazer

    ryanrazer Active Member

    actually i have just found out that you won't need EXTERNAL SD card.
    I have installed new CWM on my phone and figured out that new version can browse internal storage too... that means that you don't have to by sd card... :)

    ClockworkMod LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?od4iym44ladqhng

    But you have to check what version of CWM that rom you are trying to install needs...
    Not every ROM works with every CWM (e.g if you have very old CWM and new ROM, it probably won't work)
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  6. Cursed Chico

    Cursed Chico Well-Known Member

    And what about if i want to make 1.2 gb phone memory and 1.4 gb sd card, partition optimization? I think i need external to zip from?
  7. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    (moved) Good luck.
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  8. ryanrazer

    ryanrazer Active Member

    whoow sory but i didn't get that... :) i am not sure what are you trying to do..
  9. Cursed Chico

    Cursed Chico Well-Known Member

  10. ryanrazer

    ryanrazer Active Member

    mhmmm.. you are doing things here, that i never did before...
    sorry, can't help you.. i might study the case tomorrow, i don't have time now, sorry.
    I just never had that problem. I have a nice 8 GB ext SD card and it is great.. :)
    no pertitions needed, i just put new ROM on sd card, backup my files and flash that ROM..
  11. Cursed Chico

    Cursed Chico Well-Known Member

    I see thanks :D Whatis your sd card and what class? Now i am roorted my phone. Now i have to backup sms then install a new rom or kernel?

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