Does ANYONE actually have one of these yet?

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  1. smillerlsu

    smillerlsu Active Member

    Hi all,

    So I have apparently been granted the opportunity to ORDER an Adam (and have three days to do so). So, before I even contemplate whether to drop $549 on a potentially vapor-ware tablet, I thought I would see if anyone here actually has an Adam, and if it is good, bad, sluggish, fable, myth, etc.

    Seriously though, aside from my somewhat jaded perspective, I would appreciate any insight anyone has! :eek:


  2. Geetarman

    Geetarman Well-Known Member

    Haven't seen one but there have been a fair few who recently received theirs from PO1 & 2 after waiting ages, there are a few on Ebay as well.

    I waited for ages for one of these and have ended up buying an Acer A500, glad I did as it's a far superior machine. Runs honeycomb, 32gb internal memory, fully functioning USB and mini usb, HDMI out etc etc. Everything the Xoom has but it all works :D......oh and they are in the shops now!

    I loved the idea behind the Adam and NI as a whole but wasn't prepared to wait so long for a machine that was becoming outdated as I waited.
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  3. smillerlsu

    smillerlsu Active Member

    This is one of my main concerns, too. The transflective screen is the biggest selling point for me, though. Thanks for the input!
  4. philly0128

    philly0128 Well-Known Member

    I have my LCD 3G. I love it, I don't like the matted screen, I will remove it once I find something better. Rohan will open up the order again, right now they just have everyone waiting. He's trying to fix the shipping issues, but things has gotten better, alot of us started getting our Adams.

    I, like most don't think the Eden is ready for production. I love the leaf of being able to have other apps side/side by right now I think you can only do that with notion ink apps. hence the reason for honeycomb. I rooted mine the same day I got it and I've been using BEAST rom ever since and love it.
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  5. smillerlsu

    smillerlsu Active Member

    Thanks, Philly! I had read similar responses about Eden, and since a different ROM is the fix, I think I will stick with my rooted Nook Color for now, and wait for the process to get ironed out a bit more! :D

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