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  1. DJ-Anakin

    DJ-Anakin Active Member

    I've searched but can't find anything answering this question, just people talking about how to use it. Owners of other phones are telling me it will cost me to use Mobile Hotspot, but is that true?

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  2. fortesquieu

    fortesquieu Well-Known Member

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  3. DroidINC10

    DroidINC10 Member

    Yes it will, I think $15 a month extra...unless you root your phone, then I believe it is free.
  4. jbh00jh

    jbh00jh Well-Known Member

    Yes , I think it is $20 or $30 a month.
  5. DJ-Anakin

    DJ-Anakin Active Member

    I'm looking at the "Mobile Broadband Connect Plans" section, right?

    Thanks for the quick reply!
  6. Sevreth

    Sevreth Well-Known Member

    $20 for 2 GB per month
    $30 for 5 GB per month

    This is for those currently using the 29.99 data plan. Feature phones are $50 per month.

  7. DROIDdidME

    DROIDdidME Well-Known Member

    Give him a break, he's a person too just like us. He edited his post with a "disclaimer" to make all sides happy :)
  8. one11sgt

    one11sgt Well-Known Member

    What service are you stealing? You are paying for an UNLIMITED data plan. That means you can use the VZW data network without restriction. It is VZW stealing by making you pay again for something you ALREADY pay for.

    Its like charging you for the ABILITY to make phone calls and then again for ACTUALLY making them.
  9. jrmckins

    jrmckins Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's up to you to decide that.
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  10. necosino

    necosino Well-Known Member

    Removed :)
  11. jrmckins

    jrmckins Well-Known Member

    ummm ... yeah. Sort of like paying for a phone line then paying for a long distance. "Unlimited everything" is a relatively new concept ...
  12. callmeox

    callmeox Well-Known Member

    Your plan is for unlimited data for your mobile device only. It does not include every computer within WiFi range.

    Claiming otherwise is simply practicing purposeful ignorance.

    As far as your phone call analogy goes, you are correct. You pay a monthly fee for a set number of minutes. If you go over your plan minutes, you pay extra. The data plan includes unlimited access for your device and zero megabytes for tethering, so you must pay extra to tether.
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  13. yojoe600

    yojoe600 Well-Known Member

    yall dudes better back off my boy... hes a good contributer here and he was just being helpful and its not stealing really its just another way around it... like wifi tether app
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  14. mozes316

    mozes316 Active Member

    Calm down lil guy... so not that serious...
  15. Dobieg

    Dobieg Well-Known Member

    Just called and got mine activated. I asked for a trial so the VZW operator credited my account $3.35 so I can try it out for 5 days. It's roughly .67 cents a day equaling $20 a month for 2gb. I prob won't keep it but its working great.:)
  16. jrmckins

    jrmckins Well-Known Member

    you crack me up
  17. jrmckins

    jrmckins Well-Known Member

    I have a mifi (paid for by the company where I work). It works great. I was in the Verizon Wireless site in the Dallas area a few weeks ago and used my wifi. It was amazingly fast. Faster than my cable modem at home.
  18. Dobieg

    Dobieg Well-Known Member

    Just went to snap a picture and got error message stating the camera flash won't work while using hotspot. Anyone know why?
  19. true

    true Well-Known Member

    you have to pay for the ability to use your camera while using hotspot while using your data plan.

    morals, lol.
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  20. Eusibius2

    Eusibius2 Well-Known Member

    LMAO!!!! :p:p:p:p
  21. mik0r

    mik0r Well-Known Member

    you're paying for an "unlimited data plan" which is limited to ~5GB/month. Go over that and Verizon will send you a hefty $1/MB bill.
  22. Guntherm

    Guntherm Well-Known Member

    Now that one made me laugh good...
  23. slbailey1

    slbailey1 Well-Known Member

    Your mobile data is unlimited - phone only. Mobile Broadband is not - attaching anything to your phone.
  24. Vinsanity93

    Vinsanity93 Well-Known Member

    We should have a debate on this lmao

    ...and to the guys against "stealing," there is a recession ya know. I'm trying to save money here.
  25. desperado

    desperado Well-Known Member

    I decided to try the HotSpot and it displayed this warning.

    "You need the 3G Mobile Hotspot feature from Verizon Wireless in order to use this service. While the 3G Mobile Hotspot is active, on-device application will continue to work and use the 3G Mobile Hotspot data feature allowance."

    So looks like we have to add a service to use HotSpot ?

    When I login to myverizon and check available services I don't see 3G Mobile Hotspot as an option. Not that I want to pay for this but I did want to find out how much should I ever need it.

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