Does the Y's Camera support GeoTagging?General

  1. GShum

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    Is the Camera of our Galaxy Young Smartphone able to include GPS tags (GeoTagging) in the taken photo's (JPG's)?

    I've waited a while until the "GPS Status"-app actually displayed GPS data. The photo I took afterwards only contained the following "GPS lines" in the EXIF data.
    GPS information: -
    GPSVersionID -

    But no coordinates whatsoever.
    Is this a bug in the software or hardware. Or is this behaviour "works as designed"?

    Thanks for your answer.

  2. GShum

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    After tagging the photo's with 'GeoTag (Android's Buddy)' for a while, I found the solution.
    I'm a bit embarrassed because it is a setting which I overlooked...
    Start Camera => press Settings => Press Second Tab => The third and last option is the GPS option.

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