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  1. godsdead

    godsdead Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 25, 2009
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    Hey all!
    I used to have an ipod nano, that i used itunes to download Diggnation, then sync it up, so it knew which items i had watched etc.

    I haven't done much research, but i want to be able to do this with my HTC hero, and not have to do anything stupid like download manually.. convert to the right file format & size.. blah blah..

    i want it simple, RSS Synced download in the right format with windows or mac software to organize it all, im not sure if this is possible with songbird? or WMP would be nice...

    Seeing that i have a tiny 2gb sd card, i can hold stuff all on it anyways, so the software would need a way of managing video podcasts, like just sync new items and auto delete the ones i have already watched..

    Anyone got a system like this? or know a way?

    It was dead simple with itunes & ipod, and the subscribe..


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