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Driver for GT i7500 Galaxy anyone??Support

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  1. eyalmaoz

    eyalmaoz New Member

    Hi everyone.

    I can not seem to be able to transfer mp3 or anything else to my Galaxy GT i7500.

    The New PC Studio software says I need to install the driver, although the software include drivers, but i guess the wrong ones... Any idea?

    Can it be that in order to upload mp3 i must have a micro SD card installed in the phone? The phone has 8GB of internal memory.

    I also do not have the Market application, so I guess I will not be able to download any application to the phone, right?


  2. Andronix

    Andronix Well-Known Member

    have you read sticky posts at the top?
  3. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum! :D

    What Andronix means is, this is a very common and well-documented issue. We'd love to help you, but you should put in a minimum of effort yourself first. :)
  4. Andronix

    Andronix Well-Known Member

    fixed what KlaymenDK really meant to say :) :)
  5. eyalmaoz

    eyalmaoz New Member

  6. Andronix

    Andronix Well-Known Member


    Q: I can see my i7500's drives on my computer but i cannot browse them. Why?
    A: With the device unlocked, pull down the notification bar at the top and click Mount

    Q: NPS does not see my device but sees the drives, why is this and how do i fix it?
    A: There are many reasons why NPS will not work properly but even when it does it can only be used for updating the device firmware currently.
    Here is a post on what NPS is good for Problem to connect Galaxy i7500 with NPS
  7. eyalmaoz

    eyalmaoz New Member

    Thanks to your help - i succeeded to put mp3 and movie files in my Galaxy Gt i7500.


    1) i installed the drivers from the New Pc Studio drivers and the software.
    2) i used additional driver from the file samsungADB. It got installed too. I think it helped!
    3) when i plug the phone to the computer USB - i did not use the software NPS to access the phone. I opened notification bar (by touching the upper line in the screen - in the home screen on the phone - and dragging it down). Then - I clicked on the USB option and chose " Mount". Then i could see the phone as a separate drive of my computer - and drag mp3 folders and mp4 movies to it. simple.
    4) in order to see what is on the phone you have to open the notifications bar again and choose to disconnect the USB option.
    Now let's see if i can figure out how to add the Market option into my phone.

    Thanks again!
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  8. jjcobm

    jjcobm Well-Known Member

    1. Uninstall samsung NPS (you don't need it)
    2. Go to this page: http://androidforums.com/samsung-i7500/8801-using-i7500-x64-computer-drivers.html download the "samsung drivers" from verizon. Extract the file using winzip or winrar to a folder somewhere on your hard disk.
    3. Plug in the phone now that you uninstalled NPS and windows will ask for drivers. Point windows to the folder you just extracted and then to the "drivers" folder inside there.
    4. Windows should install all the necesarry drivers. And you should have access to the sd card once its all done by dropping down the bar on your phone and clicking mount SD card.

    If you enable USB debugging, you will be missing a driver in window's "device manager". This is your ADB driver for using ADB. You can follow directions here: http://androidforums.com/samsung-i7500/13692-how-odin-galexo-rom-s.html under the ADB section. Just download the file and follow directions from the guide on that page to get that driver installed if you need it later on once you want to root.

    Rooting: allows you to have "administrative" access to your phone, allowing you to modify system files as you need to. Kind of like windows regular user vs. admin.

    Flashing: Think of it as "updating" or the operating system on the phone, sort of like when you update windows from xp to vista.

    0din: Look in the FAQ, but its basically a software that will allow you not to need the samsung NPS to flash "factory" style ROMS (operating systems) into your phone. These are usually not rooted ROMS and you can flash any offical versions with it.

    Windows x64: windows operating system running at 64bit code. You can check if you have it by right clicking my computer, properties. Then it should show if you have 64 or 32bit respectively.

    2.0 android: Your current phone should have android 1.5 according to you. It is listed as "firmware". 2.0 is the latest ROM (or operating system) for your phone. It has new features and what not, nicer icons ect... For now I keep reading samsung might release and OFFICIAL rom running on 2.xx android. The latest actual realeased offical ROMS from samsung are at 1.6 android though. People report problems with 1.6, I just got a gt-i7500 like you and it runs fine. You can go with the official update using 0din, or go with a "rooted" ROM such as galax0.... Search the FAQ, but this should get you started...

    Hope it helps to get you up and running....
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  9. eyalmaoz

    eyalmaoz New Member

    Wow - thanks a lot- I actually succeeded to load mp3 files to the phone - i think i did what you suggested and by luck the settings were right ;-)

    Now i am into changing the 1.5 to an OS with the Market application - so I can download applications...Hope to succeed too. Your reply will really help! Thanks.
  10. jjcobm

    jjcobm Well-Known Member

  11. pstrg

    pstrg Member

    Your carefully detailed explanations helped me too.
    Wiped NPS and installed drivers as directed.
    Then, as I plug the phone it chirps gleefully while Windows announces
    - SAMSUNG Mobile Modem and
    - Samsung SAMSUNG Android USB Device.
    Noted that Device Manager shows this latter twice under Disk drives and SAMSUNG Mobile Modem Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM) under Ports.
    Next turned USB debugging on and installed ADB drivers as suggested on another thread.

    However, how to actually gain access to the phone? Not even a new disk appears on Explorer...
  12. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    go into settings>about phone>additional settings tick mass storage only
    reconnect device and it should pick it up as a removable media but still you wont have access.
    at this point pull down the notification bar on the device and enable the usb mass storage
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  13. varnapardes65

    varnapardes65 New Member

    I need windows 7 32bit usb drivers for Galaxy GT-i7500 please help, and i also need File flasher of it for getting Arabic or persian language support... thank u

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