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  1. eL777

    eL777 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I know a lot of you are wondering how durable the glass screen is on this thing. I had a droid that I returned cuz of a defect and I decided to try out the scratch test first before returning. I have uploaded my video on youtube and posted the link below. Let me know what you guys think, and oh yeah, how bout those paypal donations :p jk.

    YouTube - Motorola Droid Scratch Test

  2. RandomEngy

    RandomEngy Member

    I cringed a bit when you started going at it, but wow, yeah, looks like it held up. Still won't try it on my phone though. :)
  3. Siren

    Siren Member

    Thanks for filming that and getting it up for us. It looks to me like the screen is comparable to the iPhone in terms of durability. I had an iPhone before, and ended up scratching the screen with keys when they were haphazardly thrown into a bag together and allowed to rub together for a few hours.... this bodes well for the long term durability of the Droid
  4. T0LLPHR33

    T0LLPHR33 Well-Known Member

    the paint is a little flacky...I actually scraped some off with my finger nail yesterday when I was at the verizon store...

    but all in all a very solid phone...way better then the dare, storm, and iPhone...:D
  5. Gunner

    Gunner Well-Known Member

    I was just sitting here wondering about buying a screen protector. Looks like I may not need one. Thanks for filming that. :D
  6. koticphreak

    koticphreak Well-Known Member

    thanks, appreciate the video!
  7. NoVaDroid

    NoVaDroid Member

    I just returned my privacy screen protector. Worthless. Thanks for the vid. Makes me think I can roll without protection for now. No pun intended.

  8. man that was like watching a horror film i was screamin nooooo when you were doin the test thanks for the video
  9. charames

    charames New Member

    I returned my privacy screen protector too. I couldn't get it to stay on. it came slightly warped and the cohesion was not enough to keep it attached at the edges. Plus, it was so thick it made the snap-on protective case hard to fit.
    I opted for the regular screen protectors on my 2nd attempt, and am much more pleased with them- even though this thread indicates I could get by without them.
  10. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    Thank you eL777!!!! Love it!
  11. Ibnarabi

    Ibnarabi New Member

    Thanks :)
  12. blank

    blank Well-Known Member

    why do people keep making these videos with every single device? There are only a few things that can scratch glass, and usually we dont have bags of diamonds, and sand in our pockets.
  13. WJ1023

    WJ1023 Well-Known Member

    Lol... thanks anyway
  14. dakoop

    dakoop Well-Known Member

    Makes me want to take off my screen protector.
  15. eL777

    eL777 Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys, glad its helped
  16. brettlewis

    brettlewis Well-Known Member

    I would suggest going to best buy to get "Ghost Armor," I for one never buy anything at best buy becuase the ridiculous prices, but when they told me they would wrap my phone for $19 I had to do it. They have a professional installer that will put on the protective layer for you. It was actually cheaper at the store with the install then just to buy the armor online! It was installed flawlessly and and comes with a lifetime warranty, so if it ever peels or scratches they will put on a new one for you. This stuff is great!
  17. Graz

    Graz Well-Known Member

    Wow you are the man. I sat there cringing even knowing it wasn't going to scratch. Protective film is off and I'm rolling with nothing. I will hold up to my offer. PM me your email used for Paypal and I'll send ya the $5.
  18. eL777

    eL777 Well-Known Member

    Nah, don't worry about it, I did this to show that this device is hard as hell to scratch and that protective films probably aren't necessary. I even read somewhere that someone claimed that motorola told them they recommend not using screen protectors on the droid. Don't know if that's true:confused: but, I'm rolling with no protective film on my new droid. Again, glad I could help.
  19. Bogie

    Bogie Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the information! I still have the plastic that came with the Droid on the screen because I am so paranoid. The white markings rub off so I guess it is like a poor mans screen protector. :)

    This is my first smartphone so I am wondering if anyone knows how much pressure the glass can take before breaking? I am so worried I still barely touch it. The screens we have at work on our copiers have resistance type touch panels so I can really pound on those without any problems.
  20. MotoDroidHelpandInfo

    MotoDroidHelpandInfo Well-Known Member

    WOW. You obviously don't no what you're talking about. I've owned and used a lot of touch screens and most of them scratch ridiculously easily. Motorola did a good job with this phone it's built like a Razr.
  21. Refractix

    Refractix New Member

    You might be thinking of this:


    It says
    "Your phone has a capacitive touch screen which requires your skin to touch the screen. If you are using a screen protector your screen may not work as designed."
  22. darrinaltman

    darrinaltman Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for posting this! Just peeled off the IS I had on mine. I hated the feel of it.
  23. GrandMasterB

    GrandMasterB Go Go Gadget Flow! VIP Member

    Either your post is misdirected or you are confused ;)

    To the OP ,many thanks for posting the video! :D

    ( that is correct Graz, DO WORK SON!! :D )
  24. Graz

    Graz Well-Known Member


    Sorry had to do that, been wanting to since you put that avatar up. Ok I'm done now.

    /thread jack
  25. headcase

    headcase Active Member

    Make this a sticky.

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