Droid X as hotspot with ipad: Possible?

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  1. jrenewill

    jrenewill Well-Known Member

    I searched for this, but I couldn't find anything specifically about the Droid X. I just ordered the ipad with Wifi only since my phone has a hotspot capability through Verizon. I haven't ever tried it.

    Will it work for the ipad? I didn't really want to have to pay $130 MORE just for 3G capability and then another monthly fee on top of that. Figured I could use my phone and pay the monthly data fee.

    Has anyone tried it? Does it work? How quickly does the phone battery run down?


  2. cbaty08

    cbaty08 Well-Known Member

    Yup, it works.

    You are going to need a tethering app such as Barnacle and just connect to your phone from the iPad just as if it were a wireless router in your home.

    Hope this helps.
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  3. Metfanant

    Metfanant Well-Known Member

    sure is possible...it will use more battery that is also a sure thing...i have never used tethering for more than about a minute just to see if it worked...so ican't tell you how fast it will drain your battery...but my guess would be quite a bit...
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  4. JB in AZ

    JB in AZ VIP Member VIP Member

    Does the ipad have a USB port? I've never been close enough to one to know! LOL If so you can plug the phone in via the usb cable and add to the charge while tethering.
  5. Gevis

    Gevis Well-Known Member

    Yeah. USe Baranacle. DON'T use the Verizon Hotspot app. They'll charge you more money. Barnacle is free and Verizon won't charge you as long as you don't start using tons of bandwidth.
  6. Aggie12

    Aggie12 Well-Known Member

    hahahaha USB on the iPad? That's funny. :p They have that 30-pin adapter!
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  7. JB in AZ

    JB in AZ VIP Member VIP Member

    LOL, yeah, like I said, have never even been close to an ipad. :p Don't care for Apple products as a whole, never did. I heard that they didn't have SD card slots, but didn't realize that thay are so limited to not even have a USB port.

    And now back to the topic of the thread...

    If jrenewill makes sure the screen is off while tethering, that will save alot of battery power. I used my DX this past weekend with Pandora and Google Nav running in the car dock, charging, and the battery was going down with the screen on. When I turned the screen off, the battery started building back up again. The DX screen really uses it up!
  8. JimmyRayBob

    JimmyRayBob Well-Known Member

    I would like to point out to the original poster that Verizon has announced that they are going to start cracking down on people that tether without using the official (paid for) tethering app. I don't know how that's going to work, but just be aware that using your own tethering app may violate the terms of service you signed and that Verizon's official position is that "you can't do that"

    Now that i've said that - let's please not get into another argument about whether or not we should be allowed to tether ...
  9. Jrnet

    Jrnet Member

  10. Turdbogls

    Turdbogls Well-Known Member

    it should work no problem. i tethered my ipod touch a while back with no issues. barnacle did NOT work, but wifi tether did. however, like other said, verizon and other carriers are starting to crack down on illegal tethering, so i am glad to hear you are going to be doing it the right way in paying the $20/month for the service...just keep in mind, i believe there is a cap to that (maybe 2GB) so just be careful.
  11. jrenewill

    jrenewill Well-Known Member

    you guys are great! Thanks for all the info.

    @JB--I have a MacBook, which I love, but I also have a PC. :) I wouldn't trade my Droid X for a iphone for anything though. Even my friends with iphones want Android now.

    Again, I really appreciate all the helpful advice! When it comes in the mail soon, I'll test it out and let you all know. I don't know how much data I'll use--I plan to use wifi as much as I can and only use my phone for the hotspot when I'm traveling for work.
  12. simoncpj

    simoncpj Member

    Yes, it works quite well. I use this exact setup for work travel. I have found I use little of the 2gig as wifi is in most hotels.

    BTW, when using the Verizon hitspot feature you need to add it to your plan, or it will only let you connect. I thought I could just activate it on my phone, but that didn't work.
  13. jrenewill

    jrenewill Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone, one other question. When I went to look at the Barnacle app on my phone, it says that it has to be rooted. Is that correct?
  14. nsa_sailor

    nsa_sailor Well-Known Member

    Yes, so right now it doesn't work with the OTA Gingerbread. :(
  15. nsa_sailor

    nsa_sailor Well-Known Member

  16. GSX

    GSX Well-Known Member

    Just slip in next to a tour bus when traveling on the interstate and use their wifi. We did that on a recent trip and had service for a couple of hours. No tethering, no paying Big Red, just free wifi. :D
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  17. Jrnet

    Jrnet Member

    Didn't see that. Well then google is your best friend. You can find it a ton of other places. I would post a link but I'm new to posting so not sure if links to the .apk is allowed. Better read the rules I guess

    Edit: don't worry it's not pirating because it's a free app!

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