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  1. QSchachi

    QSchachi New Member


    I've installed Virtuous ROM v1.0.1 using Virtuous standard kernel ( on my DesireZ but now it seems that the LOG functionality of DROIDWALL isn't functional anymore. If I tap "Show Log" in Droidwall it is always empty and yes the LOG is enabled :).

    But it makes it very difficult to configure DROIDWALL correctly without LOG.

    Is there anyone else who encountered this issue?

    After some research it seems the LOG target isn't working properly (see Linux Packet Filtering and iptables - LOG target options)

    Please help!

  2. QSchachi

    QSchachi New Member


    can anyone try the droidwall logging feature with the Virtuous standard and advanced kernel (

    Its very simple the reproduce. I thing you allready have root on your G2/DesireZ. Then install droidwall from the market, enable logging and block a application which surly want to access the internet. After that open droidwall and press menu->more->show log. With the virtuous kernels the log is always empty!

    This is a very anoying bug if the log of the firewall is not working :-/

    With the Stock kernel the droidwall log works fine, so please add the missing feature to the next virtuous kernel release.

    The whole virtuous ROM is great Im using it quite long and im impressed of the work you guys have done!!! :)

    Best regards
  3. ReV0L

    ReV0L New Member


    Stock is working, standard/advanced not.
    Rom: 1.0.2 Kernel 2.2.0

    Agree! :D

    greetings from germany

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