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  1. DerekB

    DerekB New Member

    Kies always crashes on my PC, although OK on my laptop - go figure.

    Anyway I'm a photographer and bought the Samsung Galaxy S so that I can hold portfolios of my work to show new clients.

    I've been downloading the photos (suitably reduced sizes) to the 2nd SD card via windows. This is fine and I can see he files under the gallery. The trouble is that the phone shows up multiple copies of the image in the gallery. It started up duplicating all images but then keeps adding more and more copies so now most of them have 5 or more duplicates.
    For example one folder of 5 images appears under Gallery as 25 images.

    The files are OK under My Files and on the PC. Where are these duplicates being stored and how do I get rid of them?

    Photos taken on the phone are not affected, it is only those on the external SD card.

  2. vikingisson

    vikingisson Well-Known Member

    Are you saying that the dupes only show under gallery but show normally when viewed as a disk from the pc? What if you copy the pics to the internal SD?

    If the files aren't actually duped and only appear so on the phone then you might be having symptoms of a failing file system. These phones are famous for it. Personally I'd backup what you can and then do a factory reset. If you get the infamous internal SD corruption then the whole phone will die. But good call putting the pics on external SD, at least you can pull the card when the internal dies.
  3. DerekB

    DerekB New Member

    :mad: Are you saying that the dupes only show under gallery but show normally when viewed as a disk from the pc? What if you copy the pics to the internal SD? Yes

    :) I've moved the files to the internal card and deleted them from the external. It now seems to be fine, but it was like that when I first put them there. I shall give it a few days and see if the problem recurs.

    :( However the purpose of having the images on the external card was so that I can put more stuff on there than the internal card. Why does technology always manage to screw up anything that the real user wants to use?

    :) I'm not worried if the card dies as I've got all the original files safely stored on my PC and securely backed up.
  4. vikingisson

    vikingisson Well-Known Member

    I can't answer the question about why technology rarely works as advertised but it's true.

    If and when the internal SD goes bonkers you'll have your personal files backed up as you say but the phone won't work anymore. :( It happens with these overhyped Galaxy things. Mine is currently in for repair, again.
  5. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    Backup your photos (not the thumbnails though), format your memory card, and put them in again.
  6. amortec

    amortec Member

    I have the same problem :mad:. Did you manage to resolve it permanently? How? Is reformatting the SD card the only solution?
  7. amortec

    amortec Member

    Update: Problem still persists after reformatting sd card :(. I'm trying to avoid having to do a factory reset, which means I'll need to reinstall/reconfirgure/personalise everything (which is a lot!) again.
  8. scytherjoe

    scytherjoe New Member

    does putting the images in the internal sd card solve the problem?
  9. JiMMaR

    JiMMaR Well-Known Member

    attempt 1: settings -> applications -> gallery -> clear cache

    if that didn't work [didn't work with me] then

    attempt 2: [I didn't try this one but seen it on a thread, try at your own risk !]

    source: [Q] Gallery create duplicates files? - xda-developers

    attempt 3: [too many attempts I know , but I wanted to avoid root so far,and it's safe]
    attempt 4: [worked for me, needs root]
    source: Solution to triple image bugs on gallery - xda-developers

    on a side note, don't use the gallery app to show your photographs,when you click on an image in the gallery app it's opening the thumbnail not the image, thus it becomes crappy when you zoom in

    I recommend Large image viewer
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  10. bu995

    bu995 Member

    I also had the same problem - i got it solved by transfering the photos to the internal sd. After doing that i never had the problem again.

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