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  1. Gloris

    Gloris Member

    just trying to find the easiest way to root this phone because i'm so tired of the awful battery life.....what's the point in having a smart phone if you have to turn off half the features in order to get a days use out of it? :s

    so i want to be able to underclock to help save battery?

    but this needs root.....but there is so much conflicting informations out there I have no idea what is relevant or not anymore.

    I want simply to root, but I don't want to hav to wipe everything off my phone by flashing a whole new system or anything like that.

    I just want basically a totallly stock phone, but so that i can underclock?

  2. jaseuk

    jaseuk Well-Known Member

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  3. Gloris

    Gloris Member

    ok, thanks for your reply, but is there any way to do it without haivng to wipe data etc? because i'm already on ics and don't really wanna go through the process of setting up my phone again ha ha.
  4. Del1701

    Del1701 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately no, but if you decide to unlock your bootloader, which wipes your data, after that it's really easy to root and keep your data ;)

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