Easy way to forward yahoo mail to gmail without paying for yahoo plusTips

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  1. montero1dfw

    montero1dfw Member

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  2. alison03

    alison03 Well-Known Member

    i had to edit this beacuse i found the newbie thread to ask in. :)
  3. litleclay

    litleclay Active Member

    This works...I switched over a few days ago. Pretty happy about it too.
  4. Fantasma

    Fantasma Well-Known Member

    This should be a sticky and it helped me a lot plus it would help.all the moons complaining about yahoo...

  5. JulieJHawk

    JulieJHawk Active Member

    Yea! Thanks.
  6. whiskeyguy

    whiskeyguy Well-Known Member

    I have two questions. First, if POP and Forwarding are enabled, couldn't you simply set up a pop account on the phone... thus bypassing the forwarding to gmail?

    Secondly, if you forward to gmail then don't you loose the ability to send from your yahoo address? Or is this just a fix to receive yahoo over wifi... and it is still necessary to be in 3G to send?
  7. WormDoes

    WormDoes Well-Known Member

    This still works. Just did this and it works great. If you want your mail to be sent from @yahoo.com on your phone, make sure you send the email from your yahoo email program on the phone, NOT the gmail one. The yahoo email I keep strictly for sending my emails and the gmail program for receiving my mail. Kind of a pain, but the ability to keep my yahoo email AND get notifications, in real time, on my phone is well worth it. It's a shame yahoo gets shafted on the android devices but this is a clevar, free, way around it
  8. thematrix

    thematrix Active Member

    Great solution. Like my yahoo mail and this is a great way of still receiving it, but just getting it all in one place.
  9. twopint32oz

    twopint32oz Member

    When I was using it, I found that my emails that were going to my yahoo account was literally forwarded, meaning I did not have a single new email on my yahoo account.

    Since my yahoo account is my main email, I had to stop the forwarding.
  10. Leslie K

    Leslie K New Member

    Hi and thank you to montero1dfw for this great tip. Only it does not work for me. Using Windows 7, maybe because of this?
    Thanks for an answer
  11. weihl165

    weihl165 Well-Known Member

    There is a yahoo app in the market that you can check your mail with
  12. Hobbit Shado

    Hobbit Shado New Member

    I ran across this thread while trying to forward the 2011 Yahoo! Mail to my MobileMe account (I'm not starting a discussion over OS's).

    Since it's no longer as easy as clicking "Return to Yahoo! Classic", are there any ideas as to what I should do?

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