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  1. smpross

    smpross Well-Known Member

    On my VZW Note 2, I am using the stock email app. I have noticed that the volume has NO effect on the notification sound (Yes, even when ALL of the volume levels are down to 1). If I put it on vibrate, there in no sound, but otherwise there is no effect. The volume is controllable when my Yahoo Email app has a notification.

    Anyone heard of this before or know of the fix?


  2. RangerPivot

    RangerPivot Well-Known Member

    I have the same problem (as does a co-worker). Both of us are also on Verizon so maybe it's a carrier thing. Might explain why there hasn't been that much chatter about it.

    For me though it is not just email notifications... but all notifications (email, gmail, sms, etc.). The problem is that there is a huge jump between mute and 1. 2 through 7 does get louder but very, very slightly.

    Media, Ringtone, and System volumes are fine. It's just Notifications.

    There is another thread about this but the only solution was to just find a softer tone.

    For the time being I'm just living with mute/vibrate until it's [hopefully] fixed in a patch.
  3. robrie

    robrie Active Member

    I was just thinking the same thing since I just got the VZW Note 2 and noticed that the notification volume was loud no matter what. I'm glad that its not just my ears playing tricks on me.
  4. lcneed

    lcneed Well-Known Member

    Are you all on Verizon? I think it must be a Verizon only thing. The notification volume works on my AT&T version. I just tried it and set it to the lowest and it works on both email and SMS.
  5. RangerPivot

    RangerPivot Well-Known Member

    Yep. I found 2 more people here at work with the Note 2; all of us are on Verizon. At the lowest (non-mute) setting notifications are still very, very loud.

    Trying to find someone on a different carrier to test against.
  6. RangerPivot

    RangerPivot Well-Known Member

    I'll add this bit of strangeness...

    If I go into an app like Handcent to define my notification sound and test it, it works perfectly. Volume is exactly what I expect a setting of 1 to sound like.
    However when the event is actually triggered (I get a text) it is again super loud.

    This behavior is not repeatable in apps that come preloaded on the phone. gmail, email, messaging.

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