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  1. coalesce

    coalesce Active Member

    Is there an equalizer on this puppy and I'm just looking in the wrong place? Personally I think the volume thru headphones is a little weak, too, but I am using the top-quality stock iPhone earbuds :). can anyone recommend some nice Bluetooth headphones at a good price? I was thinking about the MOTO rokr s7-hd.

  2. douger

    douger Well-Known Member

    I have the Motorola S9-HD, and if the phone isn't in your back pocket when you're outside, it will skip something horrible. Inside, it's good up to about 30 feet.

    That's how I know I've stepped off the treadmill at the gym and left my phone there... :cool:
  3. rmlavin315

    rmlavin315 Active Member

    As for the EQ
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  4. jazztalker

    jazztalker Well-Known Member

    I have a Jawbone Icon I got from Verizon for $80 (normally $100). Actually it was less with a promo code and my corp discount :) But, I love it, and would recommend it. If you keep an eye on the 24 hour deals on their website, it seems like that one is on there once a week or so.
  5. coalesce

    coalesce Active Member

    thanks lavin, great post! Really informative. Just one question, though -- Although I like the ear buds, I always worry about mic quality when the mic is dangling like they do on the ear buds. Ever had any problems with that? Also, I'm mainly looking for headphones to get away from wires, although those ear buds do look nice. I'd probably prefer the behind-the-neck sets. I guess yer right about good headphones at a good price, too :). I'm looking to spend around $80 or less, so I'll def be looking at those ear buds after your review. And jazz, I do like the Jawbone Icon and I've heard great things about it, but because I listen to a lot of music on my phone, too, I'm trying to find a good multi-purpose stereo set. Thanks again guys!

    i think those plantronics might be the pair...$60 on newegg and they look nice...
  6. jwm2

    jwm2 Well-Known Member

    For earbuds, the best ones i've run into are the klipsch image s4, they are $80 and sound phenominal. They aren't blue tooth but you can get a wireless bluetooth reciever to plug them into and clip on your shirt or waistband pretty easily. As for eq, i was told its not possible with the android platform, at least not yet. I've looked high and low for one and haven't run across one yet. I don't know why it couldn't be done or why it hasn't been done but thats just how it is right now.
  7. rmlavin315

    rmlavin315 Active Member

    Sound quality through the mic is pretty good. I bought two of the HBH-DS980's and two Incredibles. One for my son and one for me. We talk to each other on them all the time. If we are both inside with normal background noise, I can't tell the difference. I have to ask him if he is on the BT set.

    I've had several wired buds with mic's and have never really had bad sound quality, and some of the sets were pretty cheep buds. I do remember one time when I was talking to my daughter on a set of buds I bought from Verizon and she couldn't hear me for a short time during one call because I had started down hill, and the wind noise was too much for the mic to pick up my voice. It wasn't till I slowed down that she could hear me again.

    Funny you should ask about mic sound quality, my son again wanted to test the mic on the HBH-DS980's, so while he was mowing the lawn, he wanted me to call him. This set is suppose to have noise canceling and he needed proof. Well I called him and believe it or not we could talk to each other. It wasn't great because the mower was quite a bit of background noise, but I could hear and understand him and he could hear and understand me. Also I was not shouting either. I spoke normally.

    The Motorola HT820's I mentioned above, had good mic quality as well. People didn't know I was talking to them through my headset. I really didn't have a problem with those, and sound quality was great, but like I said, I just couldn't use them while biking, or resting my head on a couch pillow, or swinging in the hammock.

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