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  1. Viet1982

    Viet1982 Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone!, I'm a new user to the Android Forums, and I wanted to make a list of the must have and best apps(rooted or unrooted) out there for the Prevail. So far I'm only am using a few apps.

    Please feel free to add your suggestions. Be sure to include a link with each app suggestion to the the market and maybe a short description on what the app does.

    List can be found below. The latest additions are from top to bottom


    P.S.- I apologize in advance if this post is not warranted or in the wrong place, noobie forum user here ;)

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  2. Viet1982

    Viet1982 Well-Known Member

    Last updated on: Thursday June 30, 2011

    This app needs to a rooted phone. Enables you to speed up the read on your SD card, meaning gallery images and other data load much faster.
    Market Link:

    SD Tools
    Used in conjuction with SD-Booster. This will optimize the use of your SDcard with the correct speed setting.
    Market Link:

    Go Launcher Ex
    This replaces the stock launcher with a robust one. Lots of options for customization!
    No root needed.
    Market Link:

    Wireless Tether For Root Users
    A simple app that enables wifi tethering.
    Market Link:

    Titanium Backup
    This is must have app for anyone that has rooted! Backup everything on your phone including system data, apps and their data, settings and lots more. Has an awesome batch restore mode with several options. Free version only allows 1 set of backups but the Pro paid version lets you have multiple backup sets.
    *New* I recently discovered that TB lets you convert user apps to system apps and vice versa!
    Market Link:

    Gemini App Manager
    An app that has a task killer, backup packages to SD card, app autorun control(root needed), uninstaller and more. Also has filter and sort options.
    Market Link:

    Enables you to move apps on your phone to your SD card and vice versa. Simple and easy to use.
    Market Link:

    Market Enabler
    Allows you to view apps from other countries/regions from around the world in the market. Check out Market Enabler Codes also!
    Submitted by: Purponic

    RedLaser Barcode Scanner
    For those of you that don't know already, most bar code scanners out there will not scan because the Prevail doesn't have an autofocus camera. This one doesn't need autofocus to work! Also can scan QR codes and generate them.

    Note: This app is in the market but it's showing up as not being compatible with the Prevail when indeed it is. You must download the apk file to your sd card and use a file explorer to install it.

    Thanks to new optimus for mentioning about this app in another thread and providing a direct download link for the apk file!
    Direct Download Link:
  3. Viet1982

    Viet1982 Well-Known Member

    Reserved for future use.
  4. Purponic

    Purponic Well-Known Member

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  5. Viet1982

    Viet1982 Well-Known Member

    I just downloaded it to see how it works but from what I read it enables users to view paid apps on the market in countries where paid apps aren't available. I'm trying to figure out how to use it. So I set the fake provider(I used one from Canada) and should it just automatically load paid apps when I go in to the market?
  6. Purponic

    Purponic Well-Known Member

    It will show the apps boost blocks you from seeing paid and free. Like for example Netflix, Ebay, and Plenty Of Fish.
  7. Viet1982

    Viet1982 Well-Known Member

    Ok it's working now. I'm from the US and it's showing all the paid apps in Canadian dollars now! lmao. Thanks again and I'll add it to the list.
  8. Viet1982

    Viet1982 Well-Known Member

    Btw, what's the code for Boost Mobile? I think it's 31000 but not sure. I was too eager to test the app out and forgot to save the code.
  9. imfm

    imfm Well-Known Member

    In the interest of full disclosure, I am running shabbymod on a rooted phone. All these apps should work fine with a stock Prevail though.

    Of course there's superuser, a must for any rooted phone. Allows your apps with root functionality to do "root" stuff.

    Unified Remote:
    Allows you to control your computer through wifi or bluetooth. Has some really cool features like bluetooth mouse/keyboard, windows media remote, and a whole bunch of other stuff. The free version works just fine. Only catch, you have to install a "server" on you pc, so doesn't work like a true bluetooth remote, etc. Still awesome though

    Missed Message Flasher:
    Because the Prevail doesn't have an LED, if you miss a call or message you won't know unless you unlock your screen and check your phone. Solution? MMF. Highly configurable, free version works great. Worth buying to support the developer though.

    Juice Defender:
    There are a lot of battery saving apps out there, not sure which one is the best, but this one works great with the Prevail. Probably the best feature of this one is that it turns your wifi on and off automatically depending on whether it detects a network you can connect to. Saves me the hassle of turning it on and off. Also has some cool features like restricting autosync, and turning data off when the screen is off. The free version is okay, but you have to buy the full version to really customize it.

    Just Shake:
    Just found this one and I'm crazy about it. MIUI music has a cool feature which allows you to skip tracks by shaking the phone. The problem with MIUI is that it doesn't integrate with google music or voice search. Solution? Just Shake allows you to do the same, but also lets you answer calls and skip tracks with your volume buttons. Free version is fully featured, but full version is only $.99

    Dolphin Browser:
    Best browser I've seen. Must faster than stock, and I think a bit faster than firefox, with similar features. Opera is good too, but this one has much more features. There is also a mini version if you don't like to do fancy stuff on your phone.

    Fast Burst Camera:
    Unfortunately, the Prevail's camera is pretty basic. I find it hard to get a good picture, especially without the autofocus. Burst Camera takes a bunch of pictures in quick succession, increasing the likelihood that one will come out right. The free version works fine, but I think they are going to start doing ads.

    Call Announcer
    I had the incognito before I got my Prevail, and it had this really cool feature which would announce who is calling or texting you. You can add this functionality to the Prevail with Call Announcer. Its too bad the Prevail didn't come with this feature built in, but the cool thing about Call Announcer is that it is highly configurable. You can even configure it to read your text messages, but I haven't tried that yet. Free version works great. The only real difference is that you can't turn off your ringtone in the free version.
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  10. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Post deleted.

    Trying to get free apps for free has several problems:

    • It's copyright infringement and therefore illegal - our site can have no part in that
    • It's the number one vector for infecting your phone with malware. That's a scare tactic, that's an established fact
    • It's immoral to rip people off - app developers have to eat too, you know

    Let's have no further attempts to share that sort of info here - cheers, thanks.
  11. Addacus

    Addacus Well-Known Member

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  12. Addacus

    Addacus Well-Known Member

    I'd personally say to add ES File Explorer to that list. It has the best bang for your buck especially since it is free.
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  13. ARocker

    ARocker Developer Developer

    Another vote for es file explorer and I really like Antek app manager too. Both great free apps with paid versions as well.

    Sorry I'm working. Can't find the links right now.
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  14. hate

    hate Well-Known Member

    Because of android markets terrible search engine (ex. Try searching for android pro widgets.... Even though you put the complete name it will not even have it listed in results) and several other reasons such as slow loading and limited filters (ex popular, ratings) I would add Appbrain with Fast Web installer to the list.

    AppBrain App Market

    Fast Web Installer (Appbrain will download this when you enable it in settings)
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  15. imfm

    imfm Well-Known Member

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  16. ARocker

    ARocker Developer Developer

    How can I get the market links to the apps i want to paste here.
    Cant seem to find a way with market. Do I have to use the browser?
    Also, I can only use my phone. PC is down.
  17. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

  18. hate

    hate Well-Known Member

    You can use your browser to view android market. Long press to copy url. I added this because i still have not figured out how to get the url from the app
  19. kevino

    kevino Member

    Add Battery Defender to this list please. I've been using it for a few days, and it's really a well-done app. The interface is much cleaner than Juice Defenders', and as far as the options go, there's everything you need and nothing you don't.
  20. NosTraDomus

    NosTraDomus Well-Known Member

    ive got a modded one using CTMOD 2.4 -rooted the first time, no problems

    this is a list that i have: (i used "sharemyApps" app to gather the list then email me the list so its just copy and paste)

    Android Hackers
    AppBrain App Market
    Download All Files
    GI Joe PSA Soundboard
    Rainy Days
    Titanium Backup
    Android Assistant
    AndroRec Call Recorder
    App 2 SD Pro
    App Backup & Restore
    Atomic Bomber
    AutoSync OnOff
    Bluetooth OnOff
    DroidSail Super App2SD (ROOT)
    Hi-Q MP3 Rec (Lite)
    Mr. Number
    Network Info II (shows ip,internal,external,bandwidth,other misc info)
    News and Weather (prevails default system app-not found on the market)
    PcAutoWaker (best to remotely turn PCs on with WakeOnLAN enabled)
    PrankDial (this is funny app) ***UPDATED***
    QR Reader (another QR reader, trying other ones *redlaser* is another)
    Root Explorer
    Sense Analog Clock
    SMS Popup
    Sound Meter
    SVOX Classic TTS
    Swype Installer
    TuneIn Radio
    Voice Caller ID
    Voice Search
    WiFi OnOff
    RedLaser barCode Scanner ***UPDATED***

    Generated by ShareMyApps ( use this app to share your apps to friends/family 2 clicks and its done)
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  21. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    You don't need SwypeInstaller anymore if Swype Beta has been installed . It's just taking up space . ;)
  22. NosTraDomus

    NosTraDomus Well-Known Member

    yea i know, its on the SD CARD (8gigs of space)
    EVERYTHING is on the SDCARD, except for, GMAIL,CLOCK,swype app,and some curvfish widgets

    use DroidSail advanced app2SD (ROOT) to move all to SD CARD

    *if you move a widget compatible app, the current WIDGET app wont work on the widget screen anymore.
    i.e.: you move your Clock app, ahile its a widget on your home screen, after move, it is no longer able to be used as a widget.
    OR, any MAIL, like gmail to SYNC contacts wont sync either...this includes Facebook.
  23. Lordvincent 90

    Lordvincent 90 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ Guide

    Just tried out the prank call app (not on market anymore.... For good reason :D )
    the bail money one drained all the color out of my brothers face when the number showed up as a close friend :D what a cruel cruel app
  24. NosTraDomus

    NosTraDomus Well-Known Member

    thats kinda funny...
    want to start something big?

    get 2 numbers...

    get a number that has direct line, and NOT a voicemail or answering system..

    like IHOP, or a GAS STATION

    call one with the others number...
    then 1hr later do the same vice versa

    RedLaser- barcode QR scanner
    (works pretty good for these phones)!download|359|3861013385|RedLaser.apk|832

    heres the apk file for PrankDial

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