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  1. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Well-Known Member

    I have been running Myn's Warm Two Point Two since I got my phone a couple months back. I am not exactly sure what drew me in at the time. Was just looking at maybe making a change, but backing up everything from my current setup to make sure I don't lose what I currently like (in case I don't find something I like better). I know of Cyanogen, which seems fairly highly regarded, but I didn't really want a stock android setup (I really do like Sense a lot). What do all of you use, and why?

    To be honest I am pretty pleased with performance and battery. I guess I am just looking to see if there is anythng out there that I might like better.

  2. frenchy714

    frenchy714 Well-Known Member

    Honestly, that's a question only you can answer. Make a nandroid backup and start trying different sense based ROM's.
  3. Jayo619

    Jayo619 Well-Known Member

    I agree with Frenchy...
    I think you should read what the different roms have to offer and try them out if they sound good. I personally use myns coming from Fresh and im still very happy with it. And i cant wait for the new release.

    If you like what myns has to offer but get sick of the way it looks you can always change the look of it by applying themes (or any rom for that matter)
  4. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Well-Known Member

    I guess I was just looking to see what roms people were using and why.

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