EVO Shift battery solution


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  1. hellbound45

    hellbound45 New Member

    Alright, so I had my Shift for about two weeks, when I became fed up that the battery would die 3/4 through my day with light usage. So fed up I was going to put it up for trade on craigslist, when I remembered another HTC battery I found along side of the road 1 and a half YEARS ago. I cleaned the gunk off of it, and decided to put it in my phone to see if it would do any better.
    My battery lasts me (with moderate+) usage from 10am, to 4 AM at night.

    I have no idea where this battery came from, or what model it is, because the battery is damaged on the outside from (literally) being run over by several cars on a gravel road. It looks just like my Shift's battery, in shape - and the HTC logo on the back, but it doesn't tell me it's mAh rating.

    So I suspect HTC decided to go really cheap on the stock [Shift] batteries, with very little to do with the phone itself.

    I even put the original battery back in for a day, just to confirm this for myself, and the old battery is WAY more reliable.

    [rant]Only problem I have with the shift is the picture quality. My samsung intercept [3.2mp] didn't have as much color, but was 2x (no exaggeration) as crisp... I could see every strand of hair on someone, as with the shift it's somewhat blurry[/rant]

  2. hellbound45

    hellbound45 New Member

    Apologize if I posted this in wrong forum/accidental poll I had to follow through with.
  3. htcwaldrop

    htcwaldrop Member

    I had the same problem with the EVO 4G. Here's how I changed it.

    Take off auto-sync. This alone made a huge difference.
    Also, it depends what you have in the background. Some apps, instant messaging, etc., use a lot of battery.

    Finally, I think you can purchase a better battery for the shift. One that will last twice as long. I'm not positive, but you might check into it.

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