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  1. SashaL

    SashaL New Member

    I am new to smart phones and new to Android - just got a Samsung Exhibit II, and one thing that bothers me tremendously is the fact that there are no any notification lights to tell me that I have a new SMS, email, voice message, missed call, etc., when I am in Power Save mode. And my phone is pretty much in Power Save mode all the time when I am not using it. So, if I miss a call, and I am not around, I only see the black screen. Only when I take the initiative and exit the Power Save mode on my own, on the next screen I can see that I have a missed call, for example. I read the manual and could not find anything, and a Samsung tech support person confirmed that there are no notification lights in power save mode. I Googled many Android applications and could not find any that would somehow override the Power Save mode. I hope that there is an application to override that. If there isn't, I think that I will sell and get rid of this phone pretty soon.

  2. lion7718

    lion7718 Well-Known Member

    I have the Exhibit & had the same problem...go to the Android Market & search for 'NoLED'.
    I'd post a link, but rules say I can't cause I'm new.

  3. SashaL

    SashaL New Member

    This saved my day! Thank you so much!!!

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