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  1. smakmauz

    smakmauz Member

    Hey guys! So I was looking through TMO's website yesterday to see if they added any new accessories for MTS and came across a replacement battery that says its rated at 1400mah which of course is more than the 1300mah that comes with the phone.

    I'm kind of skeptical because I have not seen this anywhere else and wondering if anyone can confirm this to be accurate. For some reason it just seems strange that if there were a 1400 mah battery available, that it would have come with the phone.

    I haven't really had problems with battery life but one could always use more;)

  2. bugger

    bugger Well-Known Member

    What is your battery life like? I just got my phone yesterday. Charged it for about 6 hours. played around with it and then went to bed. Got up this morning and it was at 30%. Before I went to bed, i had only lost a little battery. Hard to believe i would lose that much battery overnight with no use.
    I am going to be in a real bind if that is the expect battery life. I would say it was about 8-9 hours. and 7 hours was no use.
  3. smakmauz

    smakmauz Member

    Hey Bugger, First off don't expect much from your battery until after you run it through at least 3 full charge and discharge cycles. You will notice a big difference after that. This is true with any new rechargeable battery... it takes a few cycles before the chemical reaction reaches its full peak.

    So whenever I get something with a rechargeable battery I always charge it over night and then run it all the way down to as low as I can get it then repeat that 2-3 more times. this is called conditioning and only needs to be done on a brand new battery. After its conditioned then you can charge it whenever you like and you're not likely to have any of the dreaded "memory affect"

    that being said.... I'm not a power user... no networking sites and I keep wifi and gps turned off. I get several texts and e-mails everyday and maybe make a few phone calls and my battery so far will last about 3 days which was basically the same on my behold 2 that I just got rid of even though this phone has a smaller battery and a faster processor...amazing what a decent operating system can do..

    hope that helped you
  4. Lafgr8

    Lafgr8 Member

    You actually get 3 days, out of a full charge? I have to charge my slide at least twice a day, sometimes More!
  5. Tangent

    Tangent Well-Known Member

    I'm kind of in the middle I guess. I easily get a full day's use out of it so I leave GPS on, and usually leave WiFi on as well... I've been using it pretty heavily today and since being unplugged over 9 hours ago the charge has only dropped to 55%. The only thing I've done that could be helpful to battery life is I disabled syncing for T-Mobile contacts, Flikr, News, Stocks, since I don't use them.
  6. Lafgr8

    Lafgr8 Member

    Does anyone know of an extended battery for the slide? I cannot find one online, anywhere?
  7. eye4863

    eye4863 Active Member

    Conditioning is definitely the way to go and not leaving your phone plugged in hours after its full charge... I've read that is a no no so I try to avoid that for instance leaving your phone plugged in all night... With heavy usage web browsing several long phone calls radio and music player along with texting my battery last well over twelve hours and only takes about two hours to charge maybe a little less... So in others words condition your battery and don't leave it plugged in all night...
  8. Deltron Zero

    Deltron Zero Member

    i've read about the mugen 1800maH battery on ebay and a few other sites, anyone have one of these yet?

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