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  1. Newarvuti

    Newarvuti Active Member

    This phone has only 1200mAh battery. Has anyone seen any extended battery for this phone with other case? I'm still trying to find, no luck so far.

    If not possible, then my idea would be backup battery, other small battery to use to reload phone's battery.

  2. Newarvuti

    Newarvuti Active Member

    Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman Battery EP500 ML-E033

    Here is written, that this phone's original battery is
    "Compatible with Sony Ericsson Xperia active, Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman, U5i, U8i, Vivaz, Vivaz Pro, Xperia E15i, Xperia X8, Xperia W8, Xperia mini pro". Is it possible, that if I buy extended battery for, example Xperia X8, then it can also work on my phone?

    Then only problem would be the back door...
  3. Josh-SonyXperia

    Josh-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    It might work for your phone but since it would be bigger then you won't be able to use the back cover of your phone.
  4. Motor_mad

    Motor_mad Member

    I bought a 1300mah battery for mine and it works a charm. Yes the battery for the the x8 is exactly the same so it will work.

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