Extended internal battery for the LG F6 ?Tips

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  1. AppleUser

    AppleUser Well-Known Member

    Can't seem to find an extended (greater than 3000 mAH) for the LG Optimus F6. Anyone have a link to the larger battery and back cover ?

  2. CuzierLTE

    CuzierLTE Member

    You seriously won't need one unless you very heavily use the device for more than 8 hours a day. After 5 hours of intensive use, I got to about 55% battery with the screen at 50% brightness. This included using LTE, texting, playing games, downloading apps, and web browsing. Non stop.

    After 3 average workdays (for me anyways, I'm not on my phone a whole lot while AT work) and not recharging my phone, with my usual 3 hours of phone use for the ride to work, break, and back, my phone was at 44% battery when I finally plugged it back in.

    I will be doing a real world test to see how long the battery can go at 50% brightness till it hits 15% if that helps any. But this battery is super long lasting.
  3. AppleUser

    AppleUser Well-Known Member

    Okay. Good to know. But I do want one. I have five for my LG Motion (3500 mAH each). Do you know where to get an extended battery for the F6 ?
  4. AppleUser

    AppleUser Well-Known Member

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  5. marconesme

    marconesme New Member

    I bought a portable power bank from newegg. Think that may be an option for you? They make small ones, big ones, disposable ones. The one I got is 10400 mAh and only 34.99. It's shorter but thicker than most phones and not too heavy. I just keep it and my phone in my pocket while at work when I need it to charge. I love it, don't have to "wall charge" anything for 3 or 4 days.
    Here's a link for the one I got:
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  6. hellamopeds

    hellamopeds Member

    My battery lasts 5 or 6 hours of very heavy use. I will most likely order an extra battery to keep as a backup. I doubt i will need it.
  7. Lawkev

    Lawkev Well-Known Member

    Is this battery much better than the stock battery?

  8. androidguy1991

    androidguy1991 Well-Known Member

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  9. me420u

    me420u Member

    Apparently no one knows how to properly train your battery, because i get about 11-13 hrs of extreme use where my screen is off for about 45 min the entire day... i love the battery in this phone with minimal use i get 2 days outta the phone.. jus need to get some roms and tweaks going for this phone
  10. me420u

    me420u Member

    Apparently no one knows how to properly train your battery, because i get about 11-13 hrs of extreme use where my screen is off for about 45 min the entire day... i love the battery in this phone with minimal use i get 2 days outta the phone and if you charge from a usb port it slow charges and get a better charge.. jus need to get some roms and tweaks going for this phone
  11. OcalaFlGuy

    OcalaFlGuy Well-Known Member

    That would be because there IS NO WAY to "properly train your battery".

    Anyone who says there is doesn't know much about our batteries.

    Sorry, but the USB is a better charge is wrong too. With our batteries, charged is charged. Period. (Lead plate car batteries like slower charges. I doubt you have a car battery in your phone though that would certainly qualify as an extended one. :D )

    I would go for the portable power bank before an extended battery. I don't think you are going to see any/many more extended batteries. There's no damn room for them. You saw that with the Motion. That extended tumorattery was hideous. The guys making aftermarket batteries aren't any smarter than the one's designing them at the factory. The factory is going to put the best battery for that phone in it they can to start with.

    Bruce in Ocala, Fl
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  12. hubsabubs

    hubsabubs Well-Known Member

    I have had my phone for about 2 weeks and have had it on the charger about 7-8 times. I have been intensively using the phone as well, tweaking, bricking, rooting, installing, uninstalling, updating, modding.. etc.. etc.. All with the bluetooth and wifi radio on constantly no less @ 65% screen brightness. This is one hell of a battery, my phones never fallen below 50% yet.
  13. Windbreakerspeed

    Windbreakerspeed Active Member

    How do guys have such good battery life with it? Mine only lasts 5 hours of intensive use from %100 to dead.
  14. hubsabubs

    hubsabubs Well-Known Member

    Bad battery maybe? Have you let your battery actually drain to 0% and shut the phone off before plugging in n charging it to 100% while the phone was off. I mean I've always used the practice that even when I get a phone before I turn it on I let it charge 100%.
  15. Windbreakerspeed

    Windbreakerspeed Active Member

    Many times but it doesn't work that well
  16. olfleouf

    olfleouf New Member

    I have had the F6 for 2 weeks. I think I have a problem with the battery. I disconnected 3G, data, mail sync,... . I must charge the phone all days. For example before going to sleep the battery was 100% and the morning, the battery fell below 40% without any use. I had the KITKAT version.

    Informations about battery uses (approximatly) :
    -Android system : 20%
    -standby Cell : 20%
    -innactif phone : 20%

    If you have advices.
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  17. LoopyD

    LoopyD Well-Known Member

    I need one of these extended batteries! My battery is a bit old and the battery life is lacking. With xperion I can get a good standby time, battery won't drop hardly at all. Lasts all day long if I keep Sync in check.

    And I recommend for you:

    Disable Sync when you are not using it. Use a power manager like JuiceDefender tat disables Sync, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC when you're not using them. JuiceDefender Ultimate has some nice features. You can try it. Set the widget on your home screen and set up your profiles for home and work, and out, and gaming. I get really good battery life when I configure it correctly. Sync kills battery really fast, especially with Google Drive Autosync and Redirect Pro (I use those for auto-uploading my pics and downloads to Google Drive) Set them to run every 4-6 hours instead of constantly.
  18. LoopyD

    LoopyD Well-Known Member

    Overclcoking kills it fast too. Use SetCPU pro with profiles that auto activate on different battery conditions to help, and charger state. Usually when the phone is on and on charge and not sleeping, I overclcock to full to play games, but don't use SuperBad because my CPU loves to shoot right up to 132oF
  19. olfleouf

    olfleouf New Member

    ok thanks LoopyD i will test differents apps. I hope I will have better battery life
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