Extending Battery Life

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  1. ourjets

    ourjets Active Member

    Found a good way to save on battery life. Use airplane mode app to switch off all communications on your Wildfire at night. I had to download an app called StudioKUMA Airplane Scheduler. I have set mine to 11:00pm off and back on at 06:00am so should save a load on battery power.

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  2. Vicdude

    Vicdude Well-Known Member

    I presume that you are in bed between those times? If so, whilst I appreciate that the Airplane mode will save some power, why wouldn't you just plug the phone in while you sleep?
    Just wondering :D
  3. ourjets

    ourjets Active Member

    memory effect on a non lithium ion battery:)
  4. Vicdude

    Vicdude Well-Known Member

    If it's plugged in and charged everyday who gives a toss lol :D
  5. turfer

    turfer Member

    But the Wildfire has a Lithium Ion battery.
  6. ourjets

    ourjets Active Member

    The airplane mode gives you the option of keeping email on/off, text on/off etc etc so you can maximise battery life by controlling those items you dont need whilst keeping the phone switched on. Anything to improve battery availability and overall life is a good thing.
  7. But.... if you're asleep you're most likely near a plug so any battery life savings are irrelevant - what most people want is a method to extend battery life during the day (when they need it to work as a phone).
  8. PeterUK

    PeterUK Member

    Or just switch it off. Why bother with Airplane mode at night when you're sleeping??
  9. Snott.nz

    Snott.nz New Member

    Just do the same, but schedule it to do that at the times you know the office is likely to want to contact you


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