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  1. kwest12

    kwest12 Well-Known Member

    I'm sure this isn't news to any of you veterans, but this is my first android device so please bare with me. I'm using the facebook app and have noticed that neither the app itself or the widget show the actual facebook live feed or provide a way to access it....

    Of course my next thought was "well what if I just use the facebook page in a browser window". Turns out that's not as simple as I thought! Apparently facebook not only has a mobile page, it also has a "touch" page that it likes to route you to. Neither the mobile or the touch facebook pages have a way to access the live feed either....

    Even if I try bookmarking Welcome to Facebook it will still divert me to one of the two crippled versions. If anyone has a method that consistently works to access the live feed on facebook, please please please share it with me! I feel like I'm constantly behind on the action without the live feed :(

  2. wpierce98

    wpierce98 Member

    If you are in the "touch" version via the browser window, touch and hold the tab that says "news feed" and it will change to the "live feed". Also, I found that at the very bottom of the "touch" facebook page is a link to the full version, which is helpful if you need to access groups or other features the mobile versions do not support.
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  3. kwest12

    kwest12 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the help... Based on this info coupled with the fact that apparently the newest version of the facebook app is a battery hog, I really can't find a good reason to even have the facebook app installed

    EDIT: I have opted for a home screen bookmark to the touch site. Obviously it doesn't give me alerts like the app would but it also doesn't eat my battery

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