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  1. arip609

    arip609 New Member

    So i used to have the facebook phonebook folder so that i could view and use the numbers of my friends on facebook.

    I went to use it yesterday and no numbers loaded. So i deleted it, thinking i could add it again and hopefully contacts would load. well turns out it is not listed anymore under the folders when i'm trying to add it to my home screen...

    Am i missing sometihng here?

  2. arip609

    arip609 New Member

    also...when trying to add my facebook account to my contacts. I won't login. It says 'login failed try later'

    wtf is happening? lol
  3. cowboy46

    cowboy46 Member

    I believe they have removed the facebook phonebook folder in the recent update. I degraded to v1.5.1 and was able to get the folder back again.

    Also, the contacts sync does not work anymore.

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