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  1. Mtbslacker

    Mtbslacker Well-Known Member

    It comes and goes but I've been getting a lot of "failed" sent texts. Try to resend and most of the time it fails again. Reboot helps most about 75% of the time but that take FOREVER. Sometimes it also fails when I try to text another person after failed text to original (telling them to forward text). Some of my friends tell me they got like 3-4 of the same messages from me when i kept hitting "resend".......even though i got "failed" on my end. I use the stock text app and Whatsapp.....whatsapp doesnt have this issue. Havent tried Hancent yet. I'm running gingerbread from Kies ......was one of those who sat by the PC waiting for it to work and it finally did.

  2. yohannie

    yohannie Well-Known Member

    That's one of the known issues on Gingerbread UCKL2. It wasn't supposed to get out, it was a mistake. You're basically running an unfinished version of Gingerbread that Samsung pulled last minute and tried to prevent people from updating (however, people found holes in their system like resetting their Froyo to an earlier version to get Kies to recognize).

    Either go back to stock Froyo or go to Gingerbread UCLB3 (the newest Gingerbread leak by Samsung). UCLB3 fixes the text issue, as well as a few other issues that were on UCKL2.
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  3. wolfen69

    wolfen69 Well-Known Member

    That's weird, because UCKL2 has been perfect for me with the NumasX rom, while Zeus with UCLB3 was a little problematic. I guess ymmv.

    Edit: Things are lame here, and questions take a long time to get answered. Go to xda-developers and shed your diapers.
  4. Mtbslacker

    Mtbslacker Well-Known Member

    Also, what's up with pics from iphones not downloading? "one or more elements of this MMS is.....blah blah"

    I have to have my iphone friends sent pics via Whatsapp
  5. yohannie

    yohannie Well-Known Member

    That's very strange, the rest of my family uses iPhone 4 and 4S and they send me photos through text messages frequently and I have no problem getting them.

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