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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Pencheven, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. Pencheven

    Pencheven Active Member

    Nov 6, 2010
    East Midlands - England
    Hi folks,

    New to the fourms (and DHD/Android in general), so be gentle. I've had a look a look around but can't seem to see anything relating to the questions I'd like to ask. This is my first week using the DHD on Orange (moved from being a loyal Sony Ericsson & O2 customer!)

    1. HTC not working

    I cant seem to find any discussion on this online, but the connection between my phone and account doesn't seem to be working. There isn't any connection online to show where my phone is located, I can't use any of the features such as ringing the phone remotely etc, is this service not up and running yet or am I late to the party?

    2. Apps on SD Card
    After originally having a play around (had moved a couple apps to the SD card), my new 16GB SD Card arrived, and I copied everything from the old 8GB one. When I restarted the phone with the new SD card, all the old apps no longer worked, even though they were found registered on the card.

    I had to reinstall the apps through the market to get them working again, will this happen every time I change around cards? (I'm hoping to get a 32GB one soon)

    3. Orange Services not found

    New to being on Orange, but as I posted in this thread, when I went to port my old number to the new network, the guy told me I was being given 2 free games and a months free subscription to Sky News & Sports, however when I tried to access these services on orange world, I keep being told that there's a problem with identifying my handset.

    This seems to persist with all the orange world services online and via the orange "Your Orange" app (and I've tried the advice of switching off / removing battery / restarting the handset). According to the website, since im on Panther I should have access to Orange Maps too?

    4. Music Player (Via Files)

    I've got a ton of music which isn't very organised through Artists/Albums and iv historically always navigated my music through its folder structure.
    The supplied music player doesn't seem to have this option, does anyone have any experience on players that do?

    5. Best SatNav for DHD
    Since your reading this far; I've played around with the google maps and navigation and so far they have worked quiet well, should I be using a premium app if I plan to use this regularly in my car? Which app would be the best to use? I read that the new HTC Sense cache's the maps, is this with a specific app, or if I got ahold of Orange Maps / something else, does it do this automatically..

    Sorry for the long thread, thanks in advance for any replies!


  2. jonrwg

    jonrwg Well-Known Member

    Oct 3, 2010
    HTC works on my phone though. There is a discussion on xda forum if i'm not mistaken. =D
  3. thatajguy

    thatajguy New Member

    Nov 6, 2010
    Can you link to the discussion? I'm having the same issue. When I try to log in on my phone, it just shows a black screen and "loading" wants me to log in on my phone then verify it.
  4. RS78

    RS78 Member

    Nov 6, 2010
    Yorkshire, UK
    I have been having the same problem for 24 hrs but I just checked and it seems to be working now. I might be wrong but I think there are two things you must do (from retracing my steps today)...

    1. Activate the account from your confirmation e-mail (sorry, obvious one I know)
    2. Use the phone to find your current location/footprint once

    The footprint thing is all I've done differently since this aft and it's now working.

    Hope that helps and sorry to waste your time if it doesn't! First android phone so I'm learning by accident myself.
  5. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2010
    IT 'Anal'yst
    sorry in advance as i still havent got the chuffing DHD YET (damn you orange!! lol)


    1. dont have the DHD, will leave it with the peeps here to help out
    2. from my understanding, the apps arent simply installed and run completely from the SD card? (i could be wrong) its why the android OS is installed on the initial ROM on the phone. so unlike a pc hard drive where you could take the HD out from 1 pc and into another for it to work, simply taking the SD from one to another still requires the app boot up program to link from the android OS to the app stored on the SD card? either way, to recover these links easily, use titanium backup or mybackup pro to initially back up your apps, when you transfer the card to another android phone, re-download the backup app, then run the recovery, you should have all your apps recovered.
    3. again not got the DHD yet, peeps, can u help out with this?
    4. iva always found the built in music player actually organises my music into artists, albums, genres etc etc but does rely on the mp3's to have some sort of tag in the 1st place or else it'll be known as "unknown, unknown" i tend to just drag n drop all music into a folder called music on my sd card and wha-la, phone automaatically picks it all up :)
    5. think theres a seperate thread in this DHD forum about it, there's been discussions about various ones such as the premium tom tom, to co-pilot, to simply using google nav. but i use co-pilot on my hero, hasnt failed me, think there are some post codes missing on the tom tom one, and google nav....there is the issue u have to rely on an internet connection.

    hope this helps? :thinking:
  6. celticfc482

    celticfc482 Well-Known Member

    Oct 28, 2010
    I was wandering, the option for the phone to use your laptops internet, are there any hidden charges or is it as straight forward as it sounds, it will use your internet therefore not cost anything?

    Can you view PDFs straight off a website? they are not opening for me?
  7. Pencheven

    Pencheven Active Member

    Nov 6, 2010
    East Midlands - England
    Thanks to everyone for the replies so far, slowly been learning about the phone more and more over the last few days, have learnt a few things in case anyone's interested..

    As stated above, there is a discussion on the website over at the XDA Developers forums found here which has had replies from HTC saying that they are experiencing problems and to wait a couple weeks (we can only assume these are teething problems and mass uptake of the phones aren't helping) If its not fixed then ill try the whole removing account ect..

    I also had a play with Visionary and rooting (kind of feel into it before realising it used to be a lot harder) and put some apps like Titan Backup and Root Explorer on :)

    Other apps iv got on here now are App Protector (paid), "Brightness Profiles" both Orange Apps (Account & Wednesdays) myPlayer/PowerAMP/TED Mobile and some others.. Good games I recommend to show off to friends are Angry Birds/xPiano/Solo

    First thing to note is that switching your phone off actually sends it into hibernation, which was causing me some confusion in regards to the rooting as I read Visionary is temporary and thought it was actually permanent. From what I can tell it is temporary, however switching the phone off does not restart the phone necessary (with the quick boot option), and to actually get it to clear cache ect. you need to go for the full on restart option (which can take a little longer)

    Meaning when you switch it off normally, its still rooted as the phone actually went into hibernation (though even after a full on restart, you still get the Superuser App). As stated in an XDA fourm, some lagging problems can be fixed by switching on USB Debugging which is needed for Visionary anyway..

    Titan Backup can save the apps before removing the SD Card so thats sorted.. Google Navigation seems to work very well in itself, so I'm going to keep playing with it for the moment..

    PowerAMP allows searching from folders, but its still not quiet perfect as they sort it differently to the folder structure, so im still looking for a better one.

    Im still having problems with Orange services not allowing me to access any content and as also posted here, I had a problem with the Orange account app going blank until I did a full on restart of the phone..

    One major problem I'm having is the battery life atm, which is largley being eaten up by the display (as shown in the "whats being used" battery section), even with the lowest brightness profile activated, thinking of getting a second battery just for emergency's ect..

    I just tested this out, trying to view a pdf automatically downloads it and is available in the downloads menu in the browser (which then opens up as a pdf document)

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