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  1. bagnor

    bagnor New Member

    I am new to android and I just got a Huawei Mercury and have added a lot of apps/settings etc. I saw that there is an OTA firmware upgrade dated 7/13/12 on the phone. 1)do i need this upgrade? bought the phone on 8/5/12 and current firmware is dated 3/16/12. 2) does the upgrade erase settings and apps and personalization?

  2. kovis19

    kovis19 Member

    While technically it shouldn't reset or erase anything, it's a good idea to use the all backup app that came with the phone just in case. As far s the update goes, general consensus is that it does improve the phone greatly, especially if you've had any issues with connectivity or random reboots. I personally had very few problems with my Merc but found that the update improved it greatly in regards to stability and memory management, so i say go for it.
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  3. bagnor

    bagnor New Member

    Thanks for this info. i backed up and upgraded and all went well.

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